Something strange happened today. (Sorry, this is not a post on research/browsing or ‘intellectual’ subject matter that I attempt today).

Something strange happened today.

In the process of a conversation with a friend (whom is also a flatmate), I learnt that, to them, I was considered gentle. I…have been called many things, and not-called things in response to not knowing how to describe me a lot, both, but –

No one, has ever perceived me as gentle. Or gentle-mannered (read: in behaviour). Now, there may have been a problem in communication -always a possibility- but I do not think that’s the case. I feel strangely touched, honoured that someone thinks of me like that.

And thankful to her for sharing something so surprising and sweet unintentionally-so. Unless I mention it, I doubt this friend will realise.

I only realised in a moment of comprehension (which I love as a skill by the way) due to successive other moments of realisation/comprehension whilst reading ‘The Giver‘- Lois Lowry. Which might not have happened, otherwise.

WE MISS A LOT. ALL THE TIME. Wow. I knew this, I just…the extent sometimes I forget. Also: something to consider– letting people know how you percieve them, somehow, with -tact- out actually blatantly telling them (unless that would work for them/your relationship with them) so it doesn’t seem like e.g. you’re after something/attempting manipulation/want something ect, so you seem genuine and not e.g. ‘being nice’, would be a great thing you might want to do. Why? Because, maybe? That something is something they have never been called before. They might assume, because they know themselves..but the recognition is powerful. Or it might be they considered it was part of their personality (or not) and it just faded, that idea. Unloved, unbelieved, that sort of thing- unmade even, so they disassociate with it and themselves.

Suffice to say it would touch them and show how happy/grateful they are the way they are to them from you. Consider it, yes?



Maybe this could be the start of my PEOPLE-dynamics project: perceptions, ideas on that multi-faceted language that is behaviour/facial expressions/body language/tone (a cypher/type of code where meanings can change for a ‘sign’; unlike, e.g. maths). Just my experiences.



Polyphasic Take 2#; IAT’s.

26/02/2016 2:47AM

IAT stands for an Implicit Association Test.

I am polyphasic-ing; day two, though I have been tweaking since the last post…couldnt quite get the naps right. But I think I’ve got it now. Sleep 3-6, 1st nap: 12- 12:20, 2nd nap: 3-3:20, 3rd nap: 9-9:20.  It’s uneven but as long as I stick to it I shall be fine. So today’s the day after staying up -no sleep, so I can nap easier. I’m tired and this counts as the first sleep since then (did not do the naps as this is the core sleep, see?).

Got less than 15mins to write this. Going to do an IAT.

I am going to do the Gender- career IAT: if you wish to try do not look at the images below: 


…I changed my mind the next post will have the images; the Runthrough







IAT site, try yourself, take with a pinch of salt : https://implicit.harvard.edu/implicit/user/agg/blindspot/tablet.htm








Starting polyphasic sleeping again- my schedule planned out is as follows:

core sleep : 2AM – 5AM

1st nap: 10AM-10.20AM

2nd nap: 3PM-3.20PM

3rd nap: 8PM-8.20PM.

I have set alarms, with my alarm (my phone) away from the bed, I have a free day tomorrow and the next two weeks are light work.

Update (?)


So. I am having difficulty focusing- what’s new? Just that my brain’s got too much chatter atm, too much energy. So…I should focus on something else. Look for updates here. It’s about time for another update.