Dear US

Dear US,

-And whomever else is concerned,

With What Now?

Don’t panic. Don’t be scared. Trump’s in – and that may not be okay. No, it’s not. You’re right. But you know what? All you have got to do is… weather this storm. Hold out, set up camp, keep calm and carry on; keep a weather-eye (ergo keep watch, pay attention) but keep going and living. He’ll be out in five years- just don’t re-elect him.

Or any of his buddies, colleges, friends, sympathisers. That’s all you’ve got to do, on a ‘big scale’.

Five years, will feel maybe like a long, long time- depending on how harsh and ‘active’ he will be, depending on how many prejudiced policies he makes and manages to get through/is helped by e.g the Senate- but the point is, it’s really, really not. Long term. Heck, lifetime- wise, it’s not. By prejudiced policies, of course, I mean exactly that: the stuff aimed at minorities, the hate-crime/hate-group type of attitude that’s intolerant,  like it’s a parent trying to make the misbehaving child be disciplined…which it’s not, because it’s not a parent it’s more of a… fed-up random other-person commuter trying to vent at and/or on you, another person they don’t know and don’t want to understand because well they don’t feel like it. 

But another point is this: he’s one man. with a campaign, backers, and some parts of a team and money. But that’s all. What you’ve got to remember is he’s still the establishment, he’s still the authority – and you are the people; don’t let him split you apart from e.g. a friend or neighbour, instantly, because one voted him and another didn’t. Maybe they regret it. Maybe they don’t. Maybe they did it because, well, they were angry and didn’t want Clinton/the establishment. WELL, well done. It’s done now, it’s over- my point here is, two-fold: ceasing to communicate with either faction will stop people who could move over from their side to yours from doing so because you’ve closed all the doors on them and locked them. On the other hand, some people may be ignorant racists. But you’ll never find out if you don’t let them speak- and listen- and then talk back and tell them e.g. how it was rash and more harmful to let a maniac egoist patriarchal misogynistic borderline-psychopathic racist elitist have the country because they didn’t like Clinton who lies (don’t most politicians- one way or another?).

Maybe get their media influence awareness up/their critical thinking skill set up, or empathy and mindfulness ones (too) to combat the (arguably) inherent negativity predisposition people have, which may be why so much anger/hate stirring worked ultimately for why some people voted Trump(1) – But this sentence is not the point. As I’m sure you’ll know.

As I’m sure you’ll know.

My second point, if you’re still wondering,  that is, is – actually after this one as I added this post thought: don’t give up. By no means am I saying begin crazy/scary anti-Trump rioting which will give way to looting violence and ultimately death and maybe civil war with people vs police enforcement and mass-migration . Not yet. If it gets really bad action may be the last resort. But I mean that you should, all of you, keep your eyes open, sit up and pay attention, because it’s not over yet, my dears. I am sorry to say. It’s also -to add to this- very important for you all to remember. If there is absolutely nothing else you will do, remember. Remember how you felt post-vote-results, the feelings of fear, disbelief, shock, being scared, your concerns; remember their context -and that they were with context, they mattered and were situationally accurate or aware- and that Trump made his campaign promises, not as ‘figures of speech’ but as real, true, word-for-word promises. They were/are/remain his thoughts, feelings and stances on various issues.

Why am I asking such a hard thing of you? How dare I; perhaps. But it’s of great import, so I must, at least, try and ask.

Because in the following months, perhaps years, Trump will be President. Now, there’s no denying that yes? So there’s no denying his power that comes with the role – and people of America who work for the papers and the online news blogs, other media shows and advertisements, for the posters and billboards, will perhaps, for one reason or another, attempt to encourage a pro-trump/’we have it so we should make him work’ (2)/ ‘it’s not as bad as you think’…general feel and the common feelings may well move from extreme anti-trump towards tolerance. Which would be the same as those original voters of the opposition that you so sincerely swear against! Or worse, because whilst some of them believe in these things, to some of you, it may no longer be a Big Deal. And that matters.


Be aware of what concessions -mental, internal and vocally- you make, dears. Please. It’s propoganda in the ‘nicest’ format: they may just want everyone to get along/not be afraid. See? The shift would not necessarily be so great if you aren’t aware of yourself moving down it. So, pay attention.

Finally – the notorious second point. Look out for each other: neighbours, classmates, friends-of-friends, family members (especially the weird ones or the odd=ones, now), the people who you ‘don’t really know’ but who seem nice if only you would talk to them…the grocer down the street or the guy who owns that fast-food restaurant that you all like to hang out in  afterschool. Help them, be friendly, kind- even a small kindness helps someone whose world just got a lot harder (see ‘white privilege tests on internet’ and your results if it helps not all caucasian people score highly; other’s do too, and I think it should just be…to ‘check your privilege’) Most of all, pay attention to those who waver- towards intolerance, hard-arse attitudes, who attempt to be ‘strict’ or overly professional; prejudice is a slippery slope to fall down as a lot of negative, vicious cycles wont to do…are. Give them a nudge. Make sure they’re aware how many people will potentially exclude from their lives for reasons that just don’t add up/aren’t worth it.

Don’t be scared, I hope you feel calmer now.

This letter is to all of you, in an attempt to if not be positive, then to encourage it- be positive assertive, be kind, be careful and aware – be safe and be good.

It matters.

With Love from a friend,


A UK citizen.


Sources that- I- bothered-referencing/citing/whichever:

(1)  Suggestion that some voted ‘anti-establishment’ – which was Trump: Trump v Sanders, Telegraph

(2) We should make him work out our way – or in other words- “What we owe our country is to be receptive & to try to help him be the best president he can be”- National Review, Andrew McCarthy

And someone said to that: You can’t help someone who doesn’t want it. Who is not listening; is inflexible, strong-stanced, prejudiced and proud.


Update: Going to Uni(Prep) and the Months Before.

Hey Guys!

Long time no type: again. Ehehehe, sorry! I have a couple posts in the drafts folder I’ll update ASAP- just got a bit of a list at the moment of things to do… There’s the usual List Of Things I Need/Said I’d Do for friends, social requirements (which are good, really, except when I’m tired and want people to let me paint or sketch in piece.) Oh I’ve got an oil painting going – into portraiture again; it started with a couple charcoal-ed portraits of people and then a painting. Well. I’ll see about adding development photos in. (and maybe the end result). Baked a cake yesterday! It was meant to be red velvet, but it looks more chocolate (I’m not sure what red velvet tastes like, but my cooking friends think this it was not). Tastes ok though- pastel pink icing, white chocolate star deco on a layered -like victoria sponge- ‘red velvet’ cake.

Musing how long it’ll take me to alienate -inevitably- a roommate (or two) before first semester is over or (OR) blend into the background on the home-people front. To be safe.

Watching ‘Don’t Tell Mum The Babysitters Dead‘ for the first time. Kids in it seem bratty (wow).

Oh the babysitter seems like a darling; she seems so lovely. As in her voice is kind, and sort of soft but firm like she’s yes, gentle. AND OH MY…the oldest(?) sister slammed the door. in. her. face. Oh my ohmy ohmy. If I did something like thar…If I even could under ‘normal’ Such a brat. :O

Is it me or does Brat 1# (oldest sister, read: Grinch)…look…kindof..familiar? o_O.

Five kids. Five kids. How did she have that many wowwow. That brings in this mini-series of videos from BuzzFeed’s ‘Try Guys’ on, you guessed it: PREGNANCY.(Noun: state of which empending life is apparent. Adj of : pain)

OH MY GOSH- THE OLD LADY….(SPOILERS) Well. That explains the music -it was brief, ok.  After “sugar and spice” I think it was just her trying to survive, honestly. She looked like she couldnt cope. They’re still pretty bad, though they could be worse. Barely 1/9th into the film and I think she’s dead (END SPOILERS)

A Call On Advice, A Pre-Post(Rant)uh: on Authority Figures abusing Power (and students)

Hi guys!

This is a very very quick update so that I can start researching and then post that on here.

So today started a bit down, and then went brilliant- I am still bubbling with happiness deep (DEEP) down inside, but it’s all shielded off- because I’m cross. No, I am angry. But in a go get ’em, let’s FIX this sort of way.


The level of abuse- because it has accumulated and become this- in my brothers school, is disgusting. I can say that the teachers there? Save maybe one, are scum. Including the headmistress. The methodology of the staff, academics (or lack thereof) and attitudes and treatments is…despicable. Like, I think it has gotten to the point where everyone should be sacked.

Everyone. Sacked, fired, replaced- you name it. It’s not like there’s a lack of new educators in the field here in the UK or anything.

It is that bad. Maybe I should clarify a few things- this ‘school’ I speak of, is not a mainstream or private school, it is a specialist school. For Special Needs. Anyone who has children or family members knows how hard it can be to find a place that is supposed to accommodate the children and help them learnkey skills (that they as staff were taught at Uni or College) and techniques as a side to their education to eventually cope in the world and everyday life.

It is supposed to be safe. The staff are- I dont even know where to begin. It’s like (as I spoke to a friend -a mother of a child who goes/went there) the staff all went someplace and caught stupid. They are malicious, negligent, scheming, negative, abusive, miscommunicating-on-purpose, inappropriate, danger-provoking, blasphemous, prejudiced bags of scum. I am going to do my best to make a case to take them down (and no, we are not keeping my little brother in that school- but by God, those people are not going to get away with staying as they are- and I know there’s an option where all the children if their parents think it’s so bad, can just move away- but think: some parents dont know, some dont care, some are desperate and or poor -e.g. have children who are ‘low functioning’ or have low self-esteem: think conformity, giving in to authority figures -I will post some psychology stuff up on that, by the way it’s A2 material. So it would worse case of this, have all the informed parents with higher functioning kids, pulling out their children this time, the school abomination still standing, leaving the lower funct kids at the now incensed already borderline midground abusive staff AND the new batch of kids would still be coming in to find out for themselves. Or that kid who brings in a knife will actually manage to stab someone this time. ).

God, help these children. I think some detective work is in order- and a case file to be built.

So, my last post was about Law and whether I would have the will to do it? It looks like I’ve got a case to build. Wow. Before even going to university!

I am researching and ofsted will get some letters (but one point here- the school didnt inform parents ofsted was coming so that the ones with time -or who made time because it is so bad-

Worse comes to worse? I think I’ll go to the papers.

Sad thing is my exams start next month…so…it’s going to be tough.

So, any thoughts on where to start on this?

On Running Over People and Animals…and Dumping animals…and animal abuse


So, I think people who run over animals/people, and leave, should :

1. Have their car(s) taken away and sold,

2. Have their driving license revoked

3. Have that beautiful little asterisk * black-marking their records, next to their name… maybe a special colour-connotation should show what..?

and best case scenario, ALSO – 4. Jail time proper and get the people to GIVE BACK to the communities they are in somehow (not nearby; their own. Wearing those luminescent jackets too). Hey if a school can assign it’s sixth formers 150 hours for two years (and succeed and get more than that- 250, 400 hours) then these guys can tote the same.

…Because the problem is not getting better, and it has escalated to people now, too(proof in a later point made here, by the way). Do you know what current penalties are? Fines if the animal cruelty officers are lucky. And they take the animals away to maybe possibly help them (I am not over-exaggerating; their funds are on them and donations here. Examples being – have you watched RSPCA on the TV, ever? Note how they amputate limbs, all the time, because the bone is broken. No there isn’t a difference between ours and theirs.. But f I broke a bone, I’d wear a cast, right? Get pins maybe. They can’t do that so often, so they amputate…).

Ok. So Dumping animals is further proof that animal abuse charges- at least in the UK- are not enough. Because the number and blatancy is increasing.

Onto the main point: I think animal cruelty or abuse should be punished heavily.


Well. The thought that someone could mistreat something else, that is a) vulnerable and b) capable of emotions and suffering (because, yes, people, animals can feel- maybe not complex variants, but enough to cover the main stuff), and act completely ‘normal’ or  fine, is disgusting, and it highlights the fact that there is something seriously wrong with them.

They could be your neighbours. Your kid’s teacher, a friend. Anyone. That group of children running around, or that successful gal down the block. They associate with you and yours, is the point. And act fine.

By not giving them reason enough to NOT behave as such, we are enabling that sort of attitude, thinking and behaviour (and a small part of me just shuddered and muttered:’…and allow it to breed, oh gosh, ew…’ – anyone familiar with the nature vs. nurture argument? Both could happen. Just saying. Right here in this situation.). It means people are pushing boundaries doing crueler things: burning tied up puppies alive and watching, laughing (there’s a case where mid-range children did this), or throwing cats over high metal fences (the kind with the wiring on top, like in the army) and if they get caught, heck ‘yay’ for them. It’s funny.

I don’t know about you all, but I do not condone that kind of crap.

Then there’s the fact that a lot of serial killers start off with animals. They are ‘practise’, right? So…point it out, call it out to the right people, don’t turn a blind eye! If you’re wrong, you can appologise- and point out, hey, at least I care- and that it’s right to do something, and be wrong than not do something and be right. From a human standpoint, it’s dangerous not to report these scumbags. Oh, and about being wrong- it could be a case where the neglect was unintentional, or due to say some medicial reasons (and so they get help, or give them up…), too.

If none of that convinces you, think of it like this- it’s immoral. Do you want that kind of well, borderline evil around you? Even if you’re not home a lot, what if one of these guys is e.g. your boss, co-worker? Or the electrician or painter you let into your house? Another point: It probably costs a lot of money to the economy long-run when these people grow up/as grown ups cheat, steal and break things having no respect for law or property (and I mean that in both terms of meaning). That all loses money.

Hopefully I have outlined this viewpoint enough for people to re-think their own standpoint on animal cruelty, and it’s affects and effects on the urban world around us.

This is where I stand. Got any comments, questions? Ask away! Articles/Evidence to be added (on the desktop computer)!

CA, out!

On The Political Climate (As of Late, specifically 10:20 thereabouts)

Good evening, all(journal). [NOTE: This is a rough post; it needed to be published, but..well. It’s a rant- my first one yet! Sorry about any roughness and or callous language: when I said it was a rant, I meant it. It’s simplistic and I would be ashamed if it weren’t so serious a topic. So if you are interested in a rant/rave about the following topics, especially if you feel a little frustrated and like you’re unable to do anything, then here it is!]

I originally had a different post in mind- and in ‘Drafts’, bless it- but for the utmost, sincerest, deepest and most unrelenting urge to vent. Have I had a bad day? No. This, is about the current climate- politically speaking. IT’S TERRIBLE (When is it not, I mean, really?). More so than usual!!…three main points of concern and well, indignation and righteous fury.

1. The Bloody Syrian/Us/Arab Alliance vs Islamic state(ISA? ISIS?) dispute that absolutely did not need imput from our government beyond stating our viewpoint on the situation- not to the point of sending out troops, thank you very much. Recalling the politicians to reconvene at Commons? Am I going to vote for you again, if ever..? A Government that, despite opposition SO STRONG that even amongst their OWN CONSTITUENCIES AND PARTIES, there was NOTABLE (when you weren’t really paying attention to it; says a LOT) OPPOSITION, continues to change a PROMISE THEY MADE that Swayed a number of the population into voting for them and that the Democoracy of which gave them power decided against, in their Own Self Interest? …In case it’s not clear. Not going to vote for you, Cameron- or the Conservatives!- for the rest of your lifetime, buddy. Yep, not happening. I won’t; my thusly informed friends, colleges, and well-informed class of 2010-11 won’t. Make no mistake: I will not forget this. Your incompetence is staggering! I am a historian by heart and soul, and by these things, see me now: I absolutely will not vote for you, thank you, sir! Except not.

2. The Ukraine Situation: Update! Poland scared (and what does the Western world think- that because we’re so focused on where the oil is  terrorist states are, that Russia will too? I’m worried: what if whilst we’re all focused over with this new war for the next couple years atleast, that that gives Russia enough freedom- lack of coverage, people, and then it’ll probably be lack of resources when we do realize what the heck is going on, then maybe a little bit of appeasment or posturing politically and maybe even, we’ll have some ground troops stationed there aswell, and then before you know it, World War Three- or the shutting-off-of-the-oil-taps-after-rearmament-of-Russia; S.O.O.T.A.R.R. for short). PUSH BARRIER, PEOPLE.

–I knew the UN should have its own army; or all the neutral countries have one big one, keep the Super Powers in line as mediators for the peace, dang it.

3. AS IF THIS WAS NOT ENOUGH REASON TO BE FEARFUL AND FRUSTRATED, GUESS WHAT? UKIP. IT ROSE. WHAT DID I TELL YOU? GAHHHHHHH..SALKFDHAKDFHASDASD,SJADA,. A threat to conservatives; and AND I HEARD PRAYTELL OF ANOTHER MAIN REASON FACTORING INTO PEOPLE’S DECISIONS TO SUPPORT THEM WITH THEIR FAVOUR; the OTHER political parties (and Government) are not doing enough, are so similar overall/seeming that they are indistinguishable or not doing nearly enough for all the crap they’re putting us through, politically socially financially -it’s all the same, and so: People WANT CHANGE. SO…LIKE NAZI-HITLER, PEOPLE, THEYRE GOING TO THE EXTREMES: NATIONALISM. OMG. NO. WHY. I KNOW WHY. DARNNIT (The government) FOR NOT ENOUGH BLOODY GOOD CHANGE, COMMON SENSE, INFORMED OPINIONS AND HONESTY IN THE PROCESS and TOO MUCH BLOODY EXPENSE; MONEY, TIME, WASTAGE.

–This links into an idea-turned-lecture/HYPOTHESIS(read: prediction, and problem solving!) I’ve subjected/held/reasoned/pitched to friends and collegues, THAT I SO TOLD THEM ABOUT. OMG. I should join a think tank. Which one though?

Another Note:

Would it be a good idea to post on an explanatory post on the Political Spectrum? Nothing complex, just..something a bit simple. MAYHAPS, YOU SHOULD LOOK BELOW!

Also, The Push Barrier/Boundary Envisioned (below, first lot):

searched up maps for all of you :)! –>’The neutral between western and eastern world’

western, neutral & eastern world. push barrier boundary to be drawn and UKRAINE, POLAND and RUSSIA

Note where all the countries we are focusing on are: western, neutral & eastern world. push barrier boundary to be drawn and UKRAINE, POLAND and RUSSIA. Then find Saudi Arabia.

A closer look.  western, neutral & eastern world, push barrier boundary and SAUDI ARABIA.

A closer look.
western, neutral & eastern world, push barrier boundary and SAUDI ARABIA.

This is where We Will Be, and quite possibly Where We Should Be opposing this.

This is where We Will Be, and quite possibly Where We Should Be opposing this.