Starting polyphasic sleeping again- my schedule planned out is as follows:

core sleep : 2AM – 5AM

1st nap: 10AM-10.20AM

2nd nap: 3PM-3.20PM

3rd nap: 8PM-8.20PM.

I have set alarms, with my alarm (my phone) away from the bed, I have a free day tomorrow and the next two weeks are light work.

My Survival Kit….V1


pocket knife

swiss knife

water purification kit

signalling mirror

heat-reflective survival blanket

flint and steel


6 all weather chemical fire starters

container- water


needle, thread (for wounds and idk shelter)-s and cloth scraps

fly net/metal mesh

NaNo Camp Update

Hi All-Knowing One,

So, six days in and I’ve gotten down some things- prompts and their responses I’d scrawled all over a journal (it was a progressive mess in pencil, I think I intended to erase it all afterwards, but, well- that’s not to happen now); chapter summaries and pinning down characters and now Im fully fleshing out the cohesive plot(s) that are ongoing.

There will be three ‘main’ ones -I imagine them as large threads- and several (number pending) smaller threads, to be picked up whenever if I so wish, to develop and explore various characters. It sounds grander than it possibly is. It’s a pain but I love it anyway 🙂 Maybe I’ll make one of those boards -you know, with a map and pictures of people(characters) and threads pinned to it supposedly leading from the beginning to the end. Only I’d weave the threads individually thicker for ‘main’ ones, and colour code (Agenda, maybe? Not Allegiance, because what would it be: place-born, Nation, Outward allegiance or true coloured allegiance- what if they’re a spy/double spy/triple spy- if it suits them and so their allegiance is to themselves? What if their actions are for another camp and subconsciously done so their allegiance varies there? What if they think they’re on one side but, it turns out, they’re on another? Or if they have DID -Disassociative Identity Disorder- and it changes, or they’re sleeper agents? See? Complex, that. Most of those are invariably involved in my plots somehow, by the way..)

My Cabin Mates Seem nice 😀

Thanks, Speak soon!


Update: Camp NaNo- No, no..

Hello Diary,

I know; that was a bad one, but, well…I had to. (It was too much an opportunity).

Long-time-no-post! So. I’m a gap year student; you know this, we know this, Diary and I (I should really name you, no?) – so. I’m ….in 2 days and several hours… to start Camp NaNoWriMo!

Hopefully that banner worked. Yay! Looking to edit (and therefore add to) my story from NaNoWriMo 2014!

Am excited because we get cabin buddies. Yes, cabin-peoples! It’s a cool feature; random or specified, too. Will let you know how that goes( in 2-3 days)..

Current Situation: Stuck in limbo with an exam I missed (oh no, yep- I missed an exam. Not on purpose)- if it’s to be rearranged or not. Excited at the prospect of lookit- WRITING AGAIN :D. And aching from exercise would be good because I felt accomplished- how’s aching because I’ve been sitting awhile..? Odd.

Finally, a bit of shameless self-promotion:

Novatora’s Wrath: The Deserter and the Synth Seal

First of the City Verse. (To be filled, but, essentially- a take on my concept of ninjas, in a fantasy world, roughly translated as a place where society developed differently shortly around the Industrial Revolution, before it kicked off- with a few, choice discoveries thrown in. Its set roughly about now, but another dimension. It’s YA, fantasy, adventure with hints of folklore origins -researched! So plenty to throw around, maybe enough to build a small series on. There are a few main characters and not from the same sides and some subplot developments.)

In the absence of light there is only darkness…but without the Darkness, you can not find or value the Light…
Join our three protagonists on their various roads through or into the Darkness encroaching. Remember- in a world where people are trained to use their bodies and expressions to lie better than their words, trust is too limited a commodity and the truth something only the dead can retain.

Keep happy,


Update Time: NaNoWriMo, Car Lessons and Science!

Dear Diary

I’ve just had my first driving lesson.

NaNoWriMo is going well- I am, of course, behind in word count, hopelessly it might seem..but then I figured writing is not going to get done, I will have no chance if I don’t write- so I did. And then. Then, diary, I realized something. The reason why I’d put up with all the stress(at times), pressure(at times), and fun (hehe)- is because of how good you feel, once you’ve written something down. It’s so worth it. It really is. 😀 and so I’m getting there.

[95 words- oops, sorry, habit]

First Driving Lesson, status: headache. Pleasant. Frontal lobes (Thinking brain parts?).

I should put a review here of WWW, and EBI’s. Or Wotcher’s!

I will. Later,

gotta write!


Quickest, shortest update ever

Hi, all! (Whomever sees this) and Diary, of course.

Not that I am admitting to having a diary.


I have not been posting because of Nanowrimo prep, and now the Actual Thing.

So, I’m writing a novel at the moment! 😀 It’s good. And stressy.

And my Polyphasic sleep has been great- except I stopped having my naps for a bit…two of three of them. But now Im doing them again. So no worries. I just got so busy: but now, If something reaaally unavoidable happens(i.e medical/emergency), I take a nap after.



Sleep Schedule: Update!

Hiya Dear Diary,


So- I have not got full informed consent from the Boss Man, but I have got a ‘yes’ (mentioned previously?) and I have made attempts to rectify the ‘informed’ part- since the last post.


Soo, whilst I’m waiting, I think I’ll brace myself and start that schedule on Sunday. Hopefully I can get a more information-oriented post up before then, for anyone who can see this! And for past reference. Also, hopefully a GP can be got-hold-of by Sunday, so I have someone who knows how to help monitor me.


Maybe advice’ll be given.


Then I can spend that time on more useful means and plots  ideas. Yay!

Just a quick update,


Nami Out! 🙂



This did not publish for some reason. It’s up now.

Today’s the day. Got the Boss to read an article on Polyphasic Sleep (brief, but highlighting benefits and warnings). Making an appointment with the GP tomorrow!


Bye Bye,


Starting To Wake Up…Polyphasic Sleep Schedule


Dear Diary (Yes, I’m going there- I feel like it!),

After having spent nigh on two weeks ‘relaxing’, after the June Exams, I am ready to begin the arduous fun of Setting-In-Motion a Gap Year.

It’s Aims- next post. This will count as a ‘Project'(MAJOR) of mine.

As will UCAS (to make it more fun).

And will my documentation of my start to Polyphasic Sleep! I thought I’d expend real effort(shown later on, during the next 7-10 days, the ‘Adjustment Period’, I’d say) and post at least something everyday, even if it’s just a bunch of to-the-point words on a page.

Introduction to Polyphasic Sleep 

I decided to commit the Polyphasic change to my sleep cycle aprox. two years ago, at some point in the future. That time, with the safe go-ahead from my higher ups, is now.

Starting tonight.

Like any good learner/researcher/student-of-the-New-IT-Age, upon discovering it whilst surfing, I sought to inform myself of it. I decided to read up on what Polyphasic Sleep was, how to prepare for it, and what it was like and different types. There were lots of interesting facts and statistics, often comparing the different types of Polyphasic Sleep Schedules to that of normal sleep. 

There are different types, and I specifically would like to do the ‘Everyman’.

Here are some of the good bits for your information(websites referenced at bottom for a more in-depth reading):

Different Sleep Types, with the amount of downtime shown clearly. It should be noted, however that for the Everyman, Uberman and Dymaxion that the times for sleep can be broken down even more or other segments, and could be at differing times. These Pies ONLY show the total amount of sleep-time.


This one includes monophasic sleep- or, 'Normal People Sleep'!

This one includes monophasic sleep- or, ‘Normal People Sleep’!


I’ve got to go for tonight- will post up Part Two tomorrow! (TBC…)