Dear US

Dear US,

-And whomever else is concerned,

With What Now?

Don’t panic. Don’t be scared. Trump’s in – and that may not be okay. No, it’s not. You’re right. But you know what? All you have got to do is… weather this storm. Hold out, set up camp, keep calm and carry on; keep a weather-eye (ergo keep watch, pay attention) but keep going and living. He’ll be out in five years- just don’t re-elect him.

Or any of his buddies, colleges, friends, sympathisers. That’s all you’ve got to do, on a ‘big scale’.

Five years, will feel maybe like a long, long time- depending on how harsh and ‘active’ he will be, depending on how many prejudiced policies he makes and manages to get through/is helped by e.g the Senate- but the point is, it’s really, really not. Long term. Heck, lifetime- wise, it’s not. By prejudiced policies, of course, I mean exactly that: the stuff aimed at minorities, the hate-crime/hate-group type of attitude that’s intolerant,  like it’s a parent trying to make the misbehaving child be disciplined…which it’s not, because it’s not a parent it’s more of a… fed-up random other-person commuter trying to vent at and/or on you, another person they don’t know and don’t want to understand because well they don’t feel like it. 

But another point is this: he’s one man. with a campaign, backers, and some parts of a team and money. But that’s all. What you’ve got to remember is he’s still the establishment, he’s still the authority – and you are the people; don’t let him split you apart from e.g. a friend or neighbour, instantly, because one voted him and another didn’t. Maybe they regret it. Maybe they don’t. Maybe they did it because, well, they were angry and didn’t want Clinton/the establishment. WELL, well done. It’s done now, it’s over- my point here is, two-fold: ceasing to communicate with either faction will stop people who could move over from their side to yours from doing so because you’ve closed all the doors on them and locked them. On the other hand, some people may be ignorant racists. But you’ll never find out if you don’t let them speak- and listen- and then talk back and tell them e.g. how it was rash and more harmful to let a maniac egoist patriarchal misogynistic borderline-psychopathic racist elitist have the country because they didn’t like Clinton who lies (don’t most politicians- one way or another?).

Maybe get their media influence awareness up/their critical thinking skill set up, or empathy and mindfulness ones (too) to combat the (arguably) inherent negativity predisposition people have, which may be why so much anger/hate stirring worked ultimately for why some people voted Trump(1) – But this sentence is not the point. As I’m sure you’ll know.

As I’m sure you’ll know.

My second point, if you’re still wondering,  that is, is – actually after this one as I added this post thought: don’t give up. By no means am I saying begin crazy/scary anti-Trump rioting which will give way to looting violence and ultimately death and maybe civil war with people vs police enforcement and mass-migration . Not yet. If it gets really bad action may be the last resort. But I mean that you should, all of you, keep your eyes open, sit up and pay attention, because it’s not over yet, my dears. I am sorry to say. It’s also -to add to this- very important for you all to remember. If there is absolutely nothing else you will do, remember. Remember how you felt post-vote-results, the feelings of fear, disbelief, shock, being scared, your concerns; remember their context -and that they were with context, they mattered and were situationally accurate or aware- and that Trump made his campaign promises, not as ‘figures of speech’ but as real, true, word-for-word promises. They were/are/remain his thoughts, feelings and stances on various issues.

Why am I asking such a hard thing of you? How dare I; perhaps. But it’s of great import, so I must, at least, try and ask.

Because in the following months, perhaps years, Trump will be President. Now, there’s no denying that yes? So there’s no denying his power that comes with the role – and people of America who work for the papers and the online news blogs, other media shows and advertisements, for the posters and billboards, will perhaps, for one reason or another, attempt to encourage a pro-trump/’we have it so we should make him work’ (2)/ ‘it’s not as bad as you think’…general feel and the common feelings may well move from extreme anti-trump towards tolerance. Which would be the same as those original voters of the opposition that you so sincerely swear against! Or worse, because whilst some of them believe in these things, to some of you, it may no longer be a Big Deal. And that matters.


Be aware of what concessions -mental, internal and vocally- you make, dears. Please. It’s propoganda in the ‘nicest’ format: they may just want everyone to get along/not be afraid. See? The shift would not necessarily be so great if you aren’t aware of yourself moving down it. So, pay attention.

Finally – the notorious second point. Look out for each other: neighbours, classmates, friends-of-friends, family members (especially the weird ones or the odd=ones, now), the people who you ‘don’t really know’ but who seem nice if only you would talk to them…the grocer down the street or the guy who owns that fast-food restaurant that you all like to hang out in  afterschool. Help them, be friendly, kind- even a small kindness helps someone whose world just got a lot harder (see ‘white privilege tests on internet’ and your results if it helps not all caucasian people score highly; other’s do too, and I think it should just be…to ‘check your privilege’) Most of all, pay attention to those who waver- towards intolerance, hard-arse attitudes, who attempt to be ‘strict’ or overly professional; prejudice is a slippery slope to fall down as a lot of negative, vicious cycles wont to do…are. Give them a nudge. Make sure they’re aware how many people will potentially exclude from their lives for reasons that just don’t add up/aren’t worth it.

Don’t be scared, I hope you feel calmer now.

This letter is to all of you, in an attempt to if not be positive, then to encourage it- be positive assertive, be kind, be careful and aware – be safe and be good.

It matters.

With Love from a friend,


A UK citizen.


Sources that- I- bothered-referencing/citing/whichever:

(1)  Suggestion that some voted ‘anti-establishment’ – which was Trump: Trump v Sanders, Telegraph

(2) We should make him work out our way – or in other words- “What we owe our country is to be receptive & to try to help him be the best president he can be”- National Review, Andrew McCarthy

And someone said to that: You can’t help someone who doesn’t want it. Who is not listening; is inflexible, strong-stanced, prejudiced and proud.


Things We Should Talk About

Or: Postmodern Society Issues

This post has been a long time coming. Let me begin with that. 

As a person attempting to gain a wider perspective, I obviously began with my own, new experiences, relevant to my question, and then thought on experiences exposed in snippets of conversation from family and friends, and then searched the internet with more questions.

Still interested?

All right, then. My question – began with thoughts on whether or not it was a clever idea to collectively not teach or perhaps better worded: decide, to collectively not teach, people about religion. As in the ‘main five’ religions/faiths. Now, don’t get me wrong – there is nothing wrong with not being of a religion. In fact I should say the main ‘seven’ faiths(atheism and agnosticism included); because my learnt definition of a religion is that which affects a person’s morals, belief-system/main belief, what they think about the world and their place in it. That is their faith; their religion; their body(School?)-of-thought. In fact, being honest- I am Hindu, but I am also a believer of Science, of rationality, of psychology (not Scientology though)…

Back on-point: was it smart? Why would a society choose to do this? What was gained? What was lost? To me, as a person, I felt that this was dangerous and disagreed for a number of reasons. To deny a person knowledge means they can’t make informed decisions, yes? To have knowledge is not a bad thing. It is a good thing- an example being that people by nature/habit, seem to be afraid of things we know nothing/rumours about, right? Fear of the unknown, for example, was something played upon a lot in the Gothic genre, and made it quite the hit – even now, because some of those societal fears of the unknown, still are. 

Another thing that happens when people are scared/unknowing, is that they feel like they can’t empathise, or sympathise; looking at it that way, tell me how that wouldn’t alienate (which has been observed in children, in adults, in workplaces, in society – historically, there was a progression something like this in England, for example: gender -women could not work, they were objects in the household, the weaker sex, seen and not heard-, age -children and the old-, race – one by one as people came over- and then sexual orientation – gay, lesbian, bisexual, and then gender identity – and none of them have completely gone away). So, can you honestly consider the merits and demerits of education -this time religious/faith-based and therefore somewhat cultural ignorance, not causing alienation or a rise in anxiety and tensions in a multi-cultural society when there are issues from a specific label elsewhere in the world?

As opposed to societies that have taught and explained these things, that can then squabble and debate and talk about what they think without everyone getting up-in-arms about it. Yes, sometimes when talking you have to be considerate and careful not to be crass, or harsh – unless the latter you mean- but that’s because you can be harmful otherwise. We can still talk about problems elsewhere and not be defensive, or break into labels-of-origin. I do not look at a problem in the news, turn to my flat mates for example and think ‘oh, that one is Made in China’ or ‘India’ or ‘Dubai’ and think I can not ask – can not bring up this issue, these questions because I will be faced with nationalism/fascism/self-righteous anger/beliefs. No, I honestly do not have these worries. Because we are a step away from these scenarios; this is our home, our people are here – and yes, the people over there are ours too, in a sense, but why be angry someone is curious, seeking out knowledge, to learn, to self-educate? This is encouraged.


Do you see why I find such an inverse of culture so horrendous? It’s potential for self harm – in the face of a world that encourages increasingly, education, how can ignorance help? Think: if this was about sex education, would you encourage that not knowing about sex would act as a deterrent for sex? Or sexual diseases? No. So why is the same reasoning applied in America (And wherever else – parts of the UK, seem to think it’s not important to teach about other religions). How can you understand other people, or feel comfortable in other countries if you have no basis for how to treat them respectfully and vice versa? In my perception, all this is achieving in (my opinion again- correct me if you know better, suggest for other ideas) attempting to fight religious extremism, is making people more susceptible to it – or vulnerable to scaremongering/hate/prejudice.

To give you an example, I had a friend whom honestly had no idea about any religion other than Christianity -she wanted to know what the others were like, because she was aware how unaware, how lacking, she was- and how unable to cope with or behave with other people, and she felt awkward. So I explained as best I could – starting with basic information on how to generally not insult anyone, and we eventually worked our way up to other aspects of other religions, because she was so fascinated. But that did not change her beliefs; it helped her understand others. How can understanding be bad?

There are so many more arguments I can make for why it makes sense to educate – or offer education on these subjects- and on how uneasy the idea makes me; I can make allusions to communism, and selective-teaching, and how this could be an attempt on socially engineering society, but I think this would go on too long as a post.

I had more thoughts and questions on this topic, but I feel this is a good place to stop. If you have any questions, please feel free to comment/share!

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Untold Miracle: Dubai


So, just a thought on recent news

Another title I’d propose (and posting here, because there’s already one up there): Modern Miracle: Surviving Fires in Dubai

…Am I the only one who seems to grasp the idea that- whilst, yes, the burning of the whatsit building is going to cost *wince* a lot in property damage- out of everybody in a 60-something floor building, a highly-sought after hotel, at that, on New Years, at that, no one died or was seriously injured in a fire that started on the 20th floor.


20th. So, 40-something floors had to be traveled by some, and that number of people, maybe more -parties- had to pass the 20th.


Hopefully not sounding arrogant or condescending, but heartfelt- to whomever designed the building, well done.Wow to the staff. and kudos to the emergency services whom responded enmasse in minutes (for the people, not the building).

A miracle anyone?

What are the odds of something like this? (Can anyone work that out please?)

To anyone: About Immigration

To anyone scared/worried/confused/not confused/ who thinks they’ve got it all figured out,

Be brave- watch this:   ‘I’m an Immigrant’



P.S: And, I’m probably going to upset a lot of people by saying this, but- get educated, alright? I have heard some of the dumbest reasons for being against anyone coloured -even second or third generation born here, or with an accent that’s foreign but white skin. AND (See here’s why I knew I’d offend) even if you are pro-immigration or not racist- research a little on the figures for this stuff anyway, or travel to another area/city for the weekend or next holiday: get some perspective, okay?

And I’m not saying all racists are white; there are plenty of other races who’re racist over here too, even to their own race. So, this is to everyone: racist, or not. 

I just don’t want the next anti/pro-immigration person I speak/shout to to well, have absolutely no reasoning(and by this, I mean proof/evidence/realistic or LOGICAL train of thought) for what they think and genuinely think they’re right, because its such a shame and waste and scary like mad people in charge oh no or out of control drunks and c’mon you’re not flipping STUPID, you want to be RIGHT/CORRECT right? So what harm does collecting some legit facts– of the whole/as much as, picture as you can do?

WHY NOT research it properly if you think you’re right, huh? Afraid to be proven wrong?? Do you want to be wrong? Do you know you’re wrong and are not admitting it


Then get educated. Seriously, though, if you’re scared- e.g. fear of the unknown, then knowledge is your best fighter against that, okay? 🙂 It’s OK to be scared; ask around AND arm yourself with knowledge.

It’s not however, okay to make serious/potentially serious opinions, which you then base your behaviour and potentially other people’s behaviour on, and their opinions.

You might not even directly do it, and you’re in public for example, and someone overhears you speaking to friends, and thinks ‘okay, if they can think that I can too’– AND IF IT’S RACIST..OR ANTI/PRO-IMMIGRANT…with no logical thoughts or points or no real attempt at seeing both sides (This is called investigating; that way you know if you’re right or not. Probably.) then that’s one more person not using their brain. 

Think about that for a moment.

People going around not using their brains. Anyone remember being a 5 year old (aprox) child; or around a young child, and they act out and when you ask why, they shrug, sort of hum that ‘I don’t know tune’, and when prompted for why, just say they don’t know…? And sometimes, they actually have no reason? Yeah. But adults/voters/young people (AKA Adults) or teenagers. Oh my..

Also repost to spread the message if you want. I think it’s important to…


Plus, or besides, whatever: Politics and home-policies will happen with or without you, so if you want to INPUT, it makes sense to KNOW PROPERLY what it is that your saying is correct we want to make this country better no? Fix problems not make new ones. UK ESPECIALLY PEOPLE BUT THIS APPLIES LIKE…EVERYWHERE. 

P.P.S: One more thing It doesn’t matter where you’re from: a city, a town, a village in the middle of a farm or a farm or the mountains- you are part of society and the greater whole, and you know what? You get a say. Just..make sure to try and make it count okay? Because it matters. I’m doing a post on research and questioning and analysing things as we speak, so no worries if you’re unsure or anything alright? YOU CAN ALSO PM ME. 😀 I won’t be cross (even if it’s to argue with me) for any questions and you can keep asking alrighthad a friend from a village who really really thought all Indians worked in corner shops. They don’t, and the kind of thinking he wasn’t used to doing was scary and so were the implications of that belief. See? Don’t worry, it’s not hard- and he’s not stupid, just insulated? Isolated from a big mix? That sort of thing. 


Thoughts? Questions?

PM me!


Yes, I got motivated to speak up from the video above. It’s true -atleast from all the research I’ve done. Again, there will be  a post on researching, basics on checking facts/advice, analysing and critical thinking. I’ve been taught and developed from that of course (I’ll point these parts out, no worries) to do this. Some people aren’t as lucky. Or didn’t do some of this/did do some of this anyway(I did for bits).

On The Political Climate (As of Late, specifically 10:20 thereabouts)

Good evening, all(journal). [NOTE: This is a rough post; it needed to be published, but..well. It’s a rant- my first one yet! Sorry about any roughness and or callous language: when I said it was a rant, I meant it. It’s simplistic and I would be ashamed if it weren’t so serious a topic. So if you are interested in a rant/rave about the following topics, especially if you feel a little frustrated and like you’re unable to do anything, then here it is!]

I originally had a different post in mind- and in ‘Drafts’, bless it- but for the utmost, sincerest, deepest and most unrelenting urge to vent. Have I had a bad day? No. This, is about the current climate- politically speaking. IT’S TERRIBLE (When is it not, I mean, really?). More so than usual!!…three main points of concern and well, indignation and righteous fury.

1. The Bloody Syrian/Us/Arab Alliance vs Islamic state(ISA? ISIS?) dispute that absolutely did not need imput from our government beyond stating our viewpoint on the situation- not to the point of sending out troops, thank you very much. Recalling the politicians to reconvene at Commons? Am I going to vote for you again, if ever..? A Government that, despite opposition SO STRONG that even amongst their OWN CONSTITUENCIES AND PARTIES, there was NOTABLE (when you weren’t really paying attention to it; says a LOT) OPPOSITION, continues to change a PROMISE THEY MADE that Swayed a number of the population into voting for them and that the Democoracy of which gave them power decided against, in their Own Self Interest? …In case it’s not clear. Not going to vote for you, Cameron- or the Conservatives!- for the rest of your lifetime, buddy. Yep, not happening. I won’t; my thusly informed friends, colleges, and well-informed class of 2010-11 won’t. Make no mistake: I will not forget this. Your incompetence is staggering! I am a historian by heart and soul, and by these things, see me now: I absolutely will not vote for you, thank you, sir! Except not.

2. The Ukraine Situation: Update! Poland scared (and what does the Western world think- that because we’re so focused on where the oil is  terrorist states are, that Russia will too? I’m worried: what if whilst we’re all focused over with this new war for the next couple years atleast, that that gives Russia enough freedom- lack of coverage, people, and then it’ll probably be lack of resources when we do realize what the heck is going on, then maybe a little bit of appeasment or posturing politically and maybe even, we’ll have some ground troops stationed there aswell, and then before you know it, World War Three- or the shutting-off-of-the-oil-taps-after-rearmament-of-Russia; S.O.O.T.A.R.R. for short). PUSH BARRIER, PEOPLE.

–I knew the UN should have its own army; or all the neutral countries have one big one, keep the Super Powers in line as mediators for the peace, dang it.

3. AS IF THIS WAS NOT ENOUGH REASON TO BE FEARFUL AND FRUSTRATED, GUESS WHAT? UKIP. IT ROSE. WHAT DID I TELL YOU? GAHHHHHHH..SALKFDHAKDFHASDASD,SJADA,. A threat to conservatives; and AND I HEARD PRAYTELL OF ANOTHER MAIN REASON FACTORING INTO PEOPLE’S DECISIONS TO SUPPORT THEM WITH THEIR FAVOUR; the OTHER political parties (and Government) are not doing enough, are so similar overall/seeming that they are indistinguishable or not doing nearly enough for all the crap they’re putting us through, politically socially financially -it’s all the same, and so: People WANT CHANGE. SO…LIKE NAZI-HITLER, PEOPLE, THEYRE GOING TO THE EXTREMES: NATIONALISM. OMG. NO. WHY. I KNOW WHY. DARNNIT (The government) FOR NOT ENOUGH BLOODY GOOD CHANGE, COMMON SENSE, INFORMED OPINIONS AND HONESTY IN THE PROCESS and TOO MUCH BLOODY EXPENSE; MONEY, TIME, WASTAGE.

–This links into an idea-turned-lecture/HYPOTHESIS(read: prediction, and problem solving!) I’ve subjected/held/reasoned/pitched to friends and collegues, THAT I SO TOLD THEM ABOUT. OMG. I should join a think tank. Which one though?

Another Note:

Would it be a good idea to post on an explanatory post on the Political Spectrum? Nothing complex, just..something a bit simple. MAYHAPS, YOU SHOULD LOOK BELOW!

Also, The Push Barrier/Boundary Envisioned (below, first lot):

searched up maps for all of you :)! –>’The neutral between western and eastern world’

western, neutral & eastern world. push barrier boundary to be drawn and UKRAINE, POLAND and RUSSIA

Note where all the countries we are focusing on are: western, neutral & eastern world. push barrier boundary to be drawn and UKRAINE, POLAND and RUSSIA. Then find Saudi Arabia.

A closer look.  western, neutral & eastern world, push barrier boundary and SAUDI ARABIA.

A closer look.
western, neutral & eastern world, push barrier boundary and SAUDI ARABIA.

This is where We Will Be, and quite possibly Where We Should Be opposing this.

This is where We Will Be, and quite possibly Where We Should Be opposing this.