Statistics: re-perceived and re-comprehended.

Hello all,

Statistics are difficult to comprehend, to trust, to contextualise sometimes. In fact, accurately, some feel that they are almost counter-intuitive  disillusioned: they are based on data-sets that are then twisted for agendas because we are human.

The link (in ‘statistics’ above) is to a TED TALK video helping ‘fix’ the unreliability, uncertainty and incomprehension of them and their sources, which is brilliant.


ALSO there is another TED TALK on statistics which is somewhat funny; another helper for the perspective! 🙂 The preconceived ideas the lecturer is speaking of (when speaking about students) are called schemas’ in psychology (a package of ideas and images linked with one word/label/idea – e.g. pirates. You probably have a set of ideas and images about what pirates should or could look like, their ship, the outside and inside, that they have a ship, their character, clothes, language, ethnicity even gender – a set of preconceived ideas associated with one word. We do this with everything, which can be helpful and helps us semantically encode information, long term and perceive the world. But, the downside potentially, is that these perspectives can be wrong or out-dated. This can lead to or be, bias).


Dear US

Dear US,

-And whomever else is concerned,

With What Now?

Don’t panic. Don’t be scared. Trump’s in – and that may not be okay. No, it’s not. You’re right. But you know what? All you have got to do is… weather this storm. Hold out, set up camp, keep calm and carry on; keep a weather-eye (ergo keep watch, pay attention) but keep going and living. He’ll be out in five years- just don’t re-elect him.

Or any of his buddies, colleges, friends, sympathisers. That’s all you’ve got to do, on a ‘big scale’.

Five years, will feel maybe like a long, long time- depending on how harsh and ‘active’ he will be, depending on how many prejudiced policies he makes and manages to get through/is helped by e.g the Senate- but the point is, it’s really, really not. Long term. Heck, lifetime- wise, it’s not. By prejudiced policies, of course, I mean exactly that: the stuff aimed at minorities, the hate-crime/hate-group type of attitude that’s intolerant,  like it’s a parent trying to make the misbehaving child be disciplined…which it’s not, because it’s not a parent it’s more of a… fed-up random other-person commuter trying to vent at and/or on you, another person they don’t know and don’t want to understand because well they don’t feel like it. 

But another point is this: he’s one man. with a campaign, backers, and some parts of a team and money. But that’s all. What you’ve got to remember is he’s still the establishment, he’s still the authority – and you are the people; don’t let him split you apart from e.g. a friend or neighbour, instantly, because one voted him and another didn’t. Maybe they regret it. Maybe they don’t. Maybe they did it because, well, they were angry and didn’t want Clinton/the establishment. WELL, well done. It’s done now, it’s over- my point here is, two-fold: ceasing to communicate with either faction will stop people who could move over from their side to yours from doing so because you’ve closed all the doors on them and locked them. On the other hand, some people may be ignorant racists. But you’ll never find out if you don’t let them speak- and listen- and then talk back and tell them e.g. how it was rash and more harmful to let a maniac egoist patriarchal misogynistic borderline-psychopathic racist elitist have the country because they didn’t like Clinton who lies (don’t most politicians- one way or another?).

Maybe get their media influence awareness up/their critical thinking skill set up, or empathy and mindfulness ones (too) to combat the (arguably) inherent negativity predisposition people have, which may be why so much anger/hate stirring worked ultimately for why some people voted Trump(1) – But this sentence is not the point. As I’m sure you’ll know.

As I’m sure you’ll know.

My second point, if you’re still wondering,  that is, is – actually after this one as I added this post thought: don’t give up. By no means am I saying begin crazy/scary anti-Trump rioting which will give way to looting violence and ultimately death and maybe civil war with people vs police enforcement and mass-migration . Not yet. If it gets really bad action may be the last resort. But I mean that you should, all of you, keep your eyes open, sit up and pay attention, because it’s not over yet, my dears. I am sorry to say. It’s also -to add to this- very important for you all to remember. If there is absolutely nothing else you will do, remember. Remember how you felt post-vote-results, the feelings of fear, disbelief, shock, being scared, your concerns; remember their context -and that they were with context, they mattered and were situationally accurate or aware- and that Trump made his campaign promises, not as ‘figures of speech’ but as real, true, word-for-word promises. They were/are/remain his thoughts, feelings and stances on various issues.

Why am I asking such a hard thing of you? How dare I; perhaps. But it’s of great import, so I must, at least, try and ask.

Because in the following months, perhaps years, Trump will be President. Now, there’s no denying that yes? So there’s no denying his power that comes with the role – and people of America who work for the papers and the online news blogs, other media shows and advertisements, for the posters and billboards, will perhaps, for one reason or another, attempt to encourage a pro-trump/’we have it so we should make him work’ (2)/ ‘it’s not as bad as you think’…general feel and the common feelings may well move from extreme anti-trump towards tolerance. Which would be the same as those original voters of the opposition that you so sincerely swear against! Or worse, because whilst some of them believe in these things, to some of you, it may no longer be a Big Deal. And that matters.


Be aware of what concessions -mental, internal and vocally- you make, dears. Please. It’s propoganda in the ‘nicest’ format: they may just want everyone to get along/not be afraid. See? The shift would not necessarily be so great if you aren’t aware of yourself moving down it. So, pay attention.

Finally – the notorious second point. Look out for each other: neighbours, classmates, friends-of-friends, family members (especially the weird ones or the odd=ones, now), the people who you ‘don’t really know’ but who seem nice if only you would talk to them…the grocer down the street or the guy who owns that fast-food restaurant that you all like to hang out in  afterschool. Help them, be friendly, kind- even a small kindness helps someone whose world just got a lot harder (see ‘white privilege tests on internet’ and your results if it helps not all caucasian people score highly; other’s do too, and I think it should just be…to ‘check your privilege’) Most of all, pay attention to those who waver- towards intolerance, hard-arse attitudes, who attempt to be ‘strict’ or overly professional; prejudice is a slippery slope to fall down as a lot of negative, vicious cycles wont to do…are. Give them a nudge. Make sure they’re aware how many people will potentially exclude from their lives for reasons that just don’t add up/aren’t worth it.

Don’t be scared, I hope you feel calmer now.

This letter is to all of you, in an attempt to if not be positive, then to encourage it- be positive assertive, be kind, be careful and aware – be safe and be good.

It matters.

With Love from a friend,


A UK citizen.


Sources that- I- bothered-referencing/citing/whichever:

(1)  Suggestion that some voted ‘anti-establishment’ – which was Trump: Trump v Sanders, Telegraph

(2) We should make him work out our way – or in other words- “What we owe our country is to be receptive & to try to help him be the best president he can be”- National Review, Andrew McCarthy

And someone said to that: You can’t help someone who doesn’t want it. Who is not listening; is inflexible, strong-stanced, prejudiced and proud.


Something strange happened today. (Sorry, this is not a post on research/browsing or ‘intellectual’ subject matter that I attempt today).

Something strange happened today.

In the process of a conversation with a friend (whom is also a flatmate), I learnt that, to them, I was considered gentle. I…have been called many things, and not-called things in response to not knowing how to describe me a lot, both, but –

No one, has ever perceived me as gentle. Or gentle-mannered (read: in behaviour). Now, there may have been a problem in communication -always a possibility- but I do not think that’s the case. I feel strangely touched, honoured that someone thinks of me like that.

And thankful to her for sharing something so surprising and sweet unintentionally-so. Unless I mention it, I doubt this friend will realise.

I only realised in a moment of comprehension (which I love as a skill by the way) due to successive other moments of realisation/comprehension whilst reading ‘The Giver‘- Lois Lowry. Which might not have happened, otherwise.

WE MISS A LOT. ALL THE TIME. Wow. I knew this, I just…the extent sometimes I forget. Also: something to consider– letting people know how you percieve them, somehow, with -tact- out actually blatantly telling them (unless that would work for them/your relationship with them) so it doesn’t seem like e.g. you’re after something/attempting manipulation/want something ect, so you seem genuine and not e.g. ‘being nice’, would be a great thing you might want to do. Why? Because, maybe? That something is something they have never been called before. They might assume, because they know themselves..but the recognition is powerful. Or it might be they considered it was part of their personality (or not) and it just faded, that idea. Unloved, unbelieved, that sort of thing- unmade even, so they disassociate with it and themselves.

Suffice to say it would touch them and show how happy/grateful they are the way they are to them from you. Consider it, yes?



Maybe this could be the start of my PEOPLE-dynamics project: perceptions, ideas on that multi-faceted language that is behaviour/facial expressions/body language/tone (a cypher/type of code where meanings can change for a ‘sign’; unlike, e.g. maths). Just my experiences.