About this Blog:

Hi. 🙂  Call me Nami.

A Bit About Me: (Can skip)

I have many likes, few dislikes’ and no hates…  Though I do not like it when people are cruel or thoughtless, or malicious and, in people, disloyalty and operating in bad faith.

  • Likes: making friends, animals, my hobbies, cupcakes.
  • Hobbies: art, music, gaming, sports, making things, etc.
  • Star sign(or in my case, sign and previous): Sagittarius(current) and Capricorn(previous). You could figure out my birth date from that. Complete Opposites, which is fun. There is this whole idea  based on attempting to record behaviours in groups decided by birth sign and finding ‘averages’ to make- not the point.
  • Music: I have an eclectic assortment; based on most types of music; depends on the song itself, mood, point in life.
  • Colour: I like most shades of colour I can see.

If I had(keyword: had) to sum up my personality in five words, what would those words be?? (Based on outsider input) Quirky(*2- does that count as two?), ‘Buddha’ (for the peaceful moments), weird, stubborn, honest.

What This Blog is For:

The things I post will tend to be random..and based on my mood( ideas of what to expect: story pieces, retrospective/ ‘life’ postsjournal entries, artsy/sciency/humanity-based reblogs (e.g. music), news discussion- things I have heard-NOT gossip…or supposition(s) – read: theories- unless labelled as such. Also, expect posts on(explaining) miscellaneous topics, which include, but are not limited to; gender, identity, religion, politics, ethics, sleep, health and my thoughts on attitudes as well as, well, my attitude- rants.

If I miss something, let me know in a comment- sometimes I am e.g. tired/distracted – and I am also human and can make a mistake (ergo: I forgot). I will fix it as soon as possible.

Commenting, responses & questions:

Comment, let me know what you think- what did you think?

The sorts of questions I have for you, that you could answer/ Get Involved:

  • Was there anything you thought initially or after reading was good? How? What caught or kept your attention? What point do you think or part of information changed your mind/opinion?
  • What almost changed your opinion? What almost made sense?
  • What needs further explaining?
  • What was bad and so fugly you would gouge out your eyes? Why did you find it like this?
  • What made you smile- if anything?
  • …I apologise ahead of time, but, if so – what offended you? What thoughts on this topic do you have; how could I improve?
  • What else do you think I should post?
  • If YOU find anything you wish to be researched or discuss, let me know! 😀 If you want, obviously.

Read (Please): I know people usually find them a bore, but well, I have some guidelines (ergo: Rules) I would appreciate you following or considering when posting a comment or question if you want a response.

  1. Be polite–  this is not difficult, for me, that means: what you want to say, try not to be rude. In the absence of rudeness is neutrality or common decency. Utilise it, please. 
  2. Try to keep things age appropriate/rated- Granted, I can not see a situation where something I post merits a response that I would not want to ‘approve’ because I worry a young/vulnerable/innocent-er (or naive, I suppose) person were to accidentally wander into it and be scarred mentally or upset. Just, that is not going to happen.
  3. If you are not sure if a potential comment of yours is age appropriate, here is a rough guideline:

if the content you want to post is not something you would say to, or in front of, e.g. your parent/guardian/teacher or relevant authority figure because it would be considered inappropriate in public/indecent, then you should probably not say it publically. (If you are not sure, but still want to ask me- just write in the comment in the beginning that ‘you are not sure, but wanted to ask ‘ or ‘you do not want to offend, but you do not know’, or ‘but it is a harsh comment so you are not sure how to soften it’)

Another objective test for age appropriate posts, is if you would not say this comment in the presence of a child, kid, young adult, or in e.g. a school. (Again, if it is just an ‘adult’ comment- about e.g. rape, violence, sex, health etc, that is okay. Just at the beginning or something try and say that the nature of the post is ‘adult’).




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