Statistics: re-perceived and re-comprehended.

Hello all,

Statistics are difficult to comprehend, to trust, to contextualise sometimes. In fact, accurately, some feel that they are almost counter-intuitive  disillusioned: they are based on data-sets that are then twisted for agendas because we are human.

The link (in ‘statistics’ above) is to a TED TALK video helping ‘fix’ the unreliability, uncertainty and incomprehension of them and their sources, which is brilliant.


ALSO there is another TED TALK on statistics which is somewhat funny; another helper for the perspective! 🙂 The preconceived ideas the lecturer is speaking of (when speaking about students) are called schemas’ in psychology (a package of ideas and images linked with one word/label/idea – e.g. pirates. You probably have a set of ideas and images about what pirates should or could look like, their ship, the outside and inside, that they have a ship, their character, clothes, language, ethnicity even gender – a set of preconceived ideas associated with one word. We do this with everything, which can be helpful and helps us semantically encode information, long term and perceive the world. But, the downside potentially, is that these perspectives can be wrong or out-dated. This can lead to or be, bias).


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