Really, really, brief update/notice

Hi all/Journal,


SO. It has been quite a long while. The longest I’ve gone since starting this blog properly, not posting. Well, there are lots of things I want to post. Now, I just need to get typing and work out a schedule/rough idea of what I want to write, when.

A lot has happened.

I think that is a big big understatement. Politically; worldwide (World War…One and Two, anyone remember them?), economically (can anyone say ‘Brexit’?), socially – on a personal level, things have gotten crazy in a different way, I am beginning to conceptualise that being busy is always going to be busy and I know it’s about ‘making time’, I know that. I do. What happened to me was…busy on an internal scale, you know? So that has been…It’s been hard. I’m still working through it – but it’s like trying to catch fog with my bare hands (almost a quote to Harry Potter).


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