Untold Miracle: Dubai


So, just a thought on recent news

Another title I’d propose (and posting here, because there’s already one up there): Modern Miracle: Surviving Fires in Dubai

…Am I the only one who seems to grasp the idea that- whilst, yes, the burning of the whatsit building is going to cost *wince* a lot in property damage- out of everybody in a 60-something floor building, a highly-sought after hotel, at that, on New Years, at that, no one died or was seriously injured in a fire that started on the 20th floor.


20th. So, 40-something floors had to be traveled by some, and that number of people, maybe more -parties- had to pass the 20th.


Hopefully not sounding arrogant or condescending, but heartfelt- to whomever designed the building, well done.Wow to the staff. and kudos to the emergency services whom responded enmasse in minutes (for the people, not the building).

A miracle anyone?

What are the odds of something like this? (Can anyone work that out please?)

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