A brief update

Journal Log #WhoKnowsWhat

Ehem. Journal Log Entry #16.07.01 

I find myself in a space with decidedly moderate lighting, moderate but -drat it- notably cold ventilation, with a pleasant side-affect: the whirring is consistent enough and quiet enough to suffic- provide what is coined, ‘background noise’ to a well-done degree.

How has my day been going? Some may ask.

It’s going.

I ventured out of my room.

Into the library.

And feel exposed to..space. There’s so much of it; it should compress itself more, dastardly thing. *grumbles*  Be less free with oneself, comport itself with greater dignity, for goodness sake. If not for the palpable chill…I would not hesitate to describe it, as, -gasp-: loose. Loose.


Moving on, I’m studying and this is a very -self-oriented post. I feel distinctly human, and not in the usual emotional-spiritual-enlightening-or-wrenching way, either. Feeling pathetic (but only slightly, which means I’m only disgusted with myself),


P.S: Some nibbles for your hearts, souls, minds – things you probably already know (but it doesn’t hurt to be reminded, sometimes; or, well. Things you knew subconsciously but couldn’t give a name for- not quite. But you knew.)

An album (?) of good points:




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