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So. I am having difficulty focusing- what’s new? Just that my brain’s got too much chatter atm, too much energy. So…I should focus on something else. Look for updates here. It’s about time for another update. 


Untold Miracle: Dubai


So, just a thought on recent news

Another title I’d propose (and posting here, because there’s already one up there): Modern Miracle: Surviving Fires in Dubai

…Am I the only one who seems to grasp the idea that- whilst, yes, the burning of the whatsit building is going to cost *wince* a lot in property damage- out of everybody in a 60-something floor building, a highly-sought after hotel, at that, on New Years, at that, no one died or was seriously injured in a fire that started on the 20th floor.


20th. So, 40-something floors had to be traveled by some, and that number of people, maybe more -parties- had to pass the 20th.


Hopefully not sounding arrogant or condescending, but heartfelt- to whomever designed the building, well done.Wow to the staff. and kudos to the emergency services whom responded enmasse in minutes (for the people, not the building).

A miracle anyone?

What are the odds of something like this? (Can anyone work that out please?)

Rec: About Pepper’s Club


Well, I’ve just taken a -little- look, and well. This was lovely; honest and made me smile a bit, and I have to admit, within myself all the little bits that are consistent (the same) as parts of this felt some camaraderie, kinship, and maybe (?) gave an…an acknowledging nod.

Or something.

So, if you have time- well, read  some(it’s not very long, honest)? Because I’m not sure it’s apparent or not, but, well, I’m somewhat inconsistent in a lot of ways so it’s not often I’ll be in the same way, at the same time as reading a bit about another person, you know?

Source: About Pepper’s Club

And I’ve had a bit of a look and you’ll maybe browse more and see too.