It’s been busy, in a build-up sort of way (but I am trying to find that cosmic balance).

Today I went running for an hour. I made a gift bag and wrapped a gift I’d bought with my friend for a deal (for us both; gift-agendas coinciding). I attended the lecture and took notes and tried to pay attention to flatmate and coursemate alike. I spent some lovely time with a friend bonding. We did a lot of cool stuff which motivated me. I discovered the financial times isn’t just business in a corporate sense and can help so much more. I visited a possible apartment/house. I watched ‘Home’ and Devil Wears Prada today. I had a cup of coffee (it’s been a while). I collected pebble-stones from the first spread of sand-beach here, some for myself and some to take back to my friend. I got earrings and rings today for a deal. I was stared at and had a car slow almost to a stop next to me- the looks unfriendly, so I sped up and was safe again. I am pretty sure they circled us twice onwards. I ran with weights on. My dishes are done, my room clean. Today is a Friday. I have been remembering my medicines. The playlist for Home was great:

Home Playlist

I particularily like ‘Towards the Sun’- Rihanna. I feel so motivated but I need to sleep.

To Do List- Saturday I have tabs for jobs I need to research. I have newspapers I need to analyse next to me. I have a kindle book to read a bit, two academic books and the assorted research notebook next to me, a diary/journal + goal planner. I want to paint and visit the seas edge in daylight and get strawberry candies and stretch and catch up to notes and fill in the pages. I want to do my training tomorrow. I want to join SilverLine, visit the court, join in the INNOCENCE project and enter into writing and essay competitions. Tomorrow I am going to teach another friend how to do her hair via Pinterest- maybe two. I have to do my book-keeping. I have to fulfil my to do list here.

Yesterday I made pancakes successfully.


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