Food: Vegan, Veggie, Innovative, HEALTHY

Hi Journal!

So thought I’d post a couple of links for recipies/articles on healthy food( a LOT of these it turns out are from BuzzFeed, so kudos BuzzFeed worker/s; you’re either collecting/following the right stuff…or you’ve made a lot up! Amazing!

Also, please don’t be dissapointed; I’m preserving energy and will in my shame come back to fix up this post, so it’s beautifully presented, with accessible recipies on here; these on my Food part of the Glossary page/Archive and images. Of course. (But for now, here are the links below)


Diary Log #letssayNo.4

Hi Diary,

So uni’s been great- at the moment is a not so great time for me, which is why I felt it healthy to blog it… I’m sick with stomach stuff and my ears gone weird too. I’ve missed a tutorial which is important (now I’ve missed 4 lectures and 2 tutorials since September- once I missed a tutorial and lecture by accident; technical mistake happened to almost all the class, and two lectures from back pain or illness) and now I’m wondering if maybe I should pull out of one of the competitions for law this year? Not sure.

Update :D

Hey Journal!

Day one of NaNoWriMo is officially over! Going to do another word sprint in a bit…So excited!

So, I’m working on my novel from last year and will be til it’s alllll finished; it seems to keep getting bigger…so I might have to chop it into peices but I’ll hope not. Feeling great!

Word count: 246