To anyone: About Immigration

To anyone scared/worried/confused/not confused/ who thinks they’ve got it all figured out,

Be brave- watch this:   ‘I’m an Immigrant’



P.S: And, I’m probably going to upset a lot of people by saying this, but- get educated, alright? I have heard some of the dumbest reasons for being against anyone coloured -even second or third generation born here, or with an accent that’s foreign but white skin. AND (See here’s why I knew I’d offend) even if you are pro-immigration or not racist- research a little on the figures for this stuff anyway, or travel to another area/city for the weekend or next holiday: get some perspective, okay?

And I’m not saying all racists are white; there are plenty of other races who’re racist over here too, even to their own race. So, this is to everyone: racist, or not. 

I just don’t want the next anti/pro-immigration person I speak/shout to to well, have absolutely no reasoning(and by this, I mean proof/evidence/realistic or LOGICAL train of thought) for what they think and genuinely think they’re right, because its such a shame and waste and scary like mad people in charge oh no or out of control drunks and c’mon you’re not flipping STUPID, you want to be RIGHT/CORRECT right? So what harm does collecting some legit facts– of the whole/as much as, picture as you can do?

WHY NOT research it properly if you think you’re right, huh? Afraid to be proven wrong?? Do you want to be wrong? Do you know you’re wrong and are not admitting it


Then get educated. Seriously, though, if you’re scared- e.g. fear of the unknown, then knowledge is your best fighter against that, okay? 🙂 It’s OK to be scared; ask around AND arm yourself with knowledge.

It’s not however, okay to make serious/potentially serious opinions, which you then base your behaviour and potentially other people’s behaviour on, and their opinions.

You might not even directly do it, and you’re in public for example, and someone overhears you speaking to friends, and thinks ‘okay, if they can think that I can too’– AND IF IT’S RACIST..OR ANTI/PRO-IMMIGRANT…with no logical thoughts or points or no real attempt at seeing both sides (This is called investigating; that way you know if you’re right or not. Probably.) then that’s one more person not using their brain. 

Think about that for a moment.

People going around not using their brains. Anyone remember being a 5 year old (aprox) child; or around a young child, and they act out and when you ask why, they shrug, sort of hum that ‘I don’t know tune’, and when prompted for why, just say they don’t know…? And sometimes, they actually have no reason? Yeah. But adults/voters/young people (AKA Adults) or teenagers. Oh my..

Also repost to spread the message if you want. I think it’s important to…


Plus, or besides, whatever: Politics and home-policies will happen with or without you, so if you want to INPUT, it makes sense to KNOW PROPERLY what it is that your saying is correct we want to make this country better no? Fix problems not make new ones. UK ESPECIALLY PEOPLE BUT THIS APPLIES LIKE…EVERYWHERE. 

P.P.S: One more thing It doesn’t matter where you’re from: a city, a town, a village in the middle of a farm or a farm or the mountains- you are part of society and the greater whole, and you know what? You get a say. Just..make sure to try and make it count okay? Because it matters. I’m doing a post on research and questioning and analysing things as we speak, so no worries if you’re unsure or anything alright? YOU CAN ALSO PM ME. 😀 I won’t be cross (even if it’s to argue with me) for any questions and you can keep asking alrighthad a friend from a village who really really thought all Indians worked in corner shops. They don’t, and the kind of thinking he wasn’t used to doing was scary and so were the implications of that belief. See? Don’t worry, it’s not hard- and he’s not stupid, just insulated? Isolated from a big mix? That sort of thing. 


Thoughts? Questions?

PM me!


Yes, I got motivated to speak up from the video above. It’s true -atleast from all the research I’ve done. Again, there will be  a post on researching, basics on checking facts/advice, analysing and critical thinking. I’ve been taught and developed from that of course (I’ll point these parts out, no worries) to do this. Some people aren’t as lucky. Or didn’t do some of this/did do some of this anyway(I did for bits).

One thought on “To anyone: About Immigration

  1. I felt like I had to say something else, but did not want to add too much more to the post, so, here we go-
    So many tragedies have occurred throughout history because people en masse acted out of fear, or ignorance, or not thinking things through: What I’m advocating here is the use of our beautiful brains towards making decisions, especially important ones- and after seeing this video, I thought it about it (of course) and decided this issue was something I had seen coming up a lot the last year and a bit, which is worrying me.

    Ask any historian, and history-nut, any bookworm who may have covered things like this- or anyone who has travelled a lot/is in the UK at the moment…when things get tough people blame the new ones/minorities/perceived most as ‘outsiders’, or dear goodness, GENERALISE. Really really bad folks.

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