Life Postings, update vol 2.

Hello again.

Longtime no see. I was going to make it a quick update- yes, that has become quite the habit, right? Nasty habit that- when I thought, no no. It’s been (essentially) a 5 week blank page in the EHERM. JOURNAL EHERM. *coughs*, That is this blog. So I’m on a train on my way to- well, uni. Ita a Sunday and theres finally (FINALLY YAY) a break in my (secret- read: Hidden from parent so as to be allowed back for school on Monday, 9am lectures) pain. Please forgive the spelling or punctuation mistakes. They are temporary and I’m akinv them with my newly grown claws on this tiny keyboard (Its tiny, huh. So sudden. I use both thumbs to type on here)..

hm. Lets see, Journal. Hi. How have you been? This is my second time home and funnily enough, except the second wasn’t too funny, drama has occurred at the flatmates home both times. On the Saturday, morning pr Friday night, but I hear bout it Saturday morning. I’m sad they’ve gone through stuff, not thinking uts because I’m not there(solely)-its also because maybe “Wanderer” wasn’t there(not ber real name obvs, LOOOOOL. Ok, hush now mini brain)- and, hm, lets call that one Han Solo, was in on the drinking. And so, indisposed.

This week, some guests went a wandering lookin for trouble. And they should be ashamed, not to hold their liquor and to behave so in someone else’s home they don’t know- but know the people present are…well, soft enough sorts, that this kind of behaviour would be slespecially traumatising for them. bless their little hearts. AND. In the presence of a minor.

  • Needless to say they will be dealt with(maybe I’ll call parents..? Am I that mean/protective? Well, there’s a whole story line in there, lots missed out but that’s the gist. …and maybe a chat will do

“what were you thinking when you and goons 3,4&5 (aprox) wanted to break into someone’s room and mess around,’lets mess thisstyff up ‘ or something?”) And whilst drinking too. …if they knew they wouldn’t control themselves maybe shouldn’t drink so bard or not in other peoples homes.. -___-. Stressed me as that girl whose stuff they (pardkn) fuc**d with? She didn’t touch her ed that night til she was exhausted. Just…

Sat there a d watched it.

There e been many happy things too- met some great and Nice people, flatmates are loves, bonded with old friends well..There are societies a d stuff a x new things and space and the sea and well. Yoh get ig.

And yes, I’m doing NaNoWriMo again this hear!

wow this probs looks a mess, and ill maybe laugh before plodding through it to fix it asap…probably to edit and add a lot more to-Like, IM IN RAVENCLAW. Would you have guessed??

I’m stopinv for now as feel a little compressed at the top of mg head and base of mg throat…


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