Update :D

Hi guys!

So, I’m going to university on Saturday (it’s still technically Sunday)- and at the moment just trying to get rid of excess crap things in my room…so I’m prepping scrapbook momentos/backgrounds/layers 🙂 with my scissors and whatever paraphernalia is around me.

Look, Journal- I know I have not posted often enough, I’ve kept starting and ‘saving draft’ to be honest…and it will stop. Soon. but I don’t want to promise too strongly, so I don’t jinx myself (and apparently my mental age has regressed since I’ve been here last..)!

Also- there should be a post somewhere on me with makeup. Maybe. Fun stuff. OH and there’s one where we baked cake. Good memories, people (Spoiler: we ate it, it was so good).

And finally- I’m not sure if I should do this or not (I’m posting art stuff on other media sites and I’m liking the pseudo/fifth-wall-esque facade of being… basically anonymous on here. Really. So maybe not what I originally started on about- but other arty stuff will now be making an appearance. And yes, I still Polyphasic sleep (‘Poly-phase’? Sounds cooler).

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