New Anime!

Hi, all!

Have just watched a scary possession film, so went browsing…and turned up this! Not sure what the tone/flavour’s like at present, but…well. I’ll let you know.

Rokka: Braves of the Six Flowers‘ –

None of this is mine- all to the correct artist and companies airing it.

None of this is mine- all to the correct artist and companies airing it.
This is the Goddess of Fate (it said it in the intro) 🙂

rokka 3.5

Looks like nice art here 😀

rokka 0 rokka 1rokka 9rokka 5rokka 4 rokka 2 rokka 3 rokka 8  rokka 6 rokka 7

Yes, so will see how it goes- will probably vent on here about it sometime 🙂 (I’ll figure out how to shout out spoilers just incase someone out there is like, well…I’ll watch it later. Could happen)

Anyways, night!



Some Music!

Hi Journal,

Today’s ‘Art’ Thursday- Music being presented today is by LIGHTS (I’ve loved her work since I found ICE by her). Enjoy!

LIGHTS- Everybody Breaks a Glass

Second Go-LIGHTS


Up We Go (Though WARNING– Because, before you click this one, there are alluded to scenes not appropriate for little peoples and their eyes.)

Hope you enjoy the songs people

Update :D

Hi guys!

So, I’m going to university on Saturday (it’s still technically Sunday)- and at the moment just trying to get rid of excess crap things in my room…so I’m prepping scrapbook momentos/backgrounds/layers 🙂 with my scissors and whatever paraphernalia is around me.

Look, Journal- I know I have not posted often enough, I’ve kept starting and ‘saving draft’ to be honest…and it will stop. Soon. but I don’t want to promise too strongly, so I don’t jinx myself (and apparently my mental age has regressed since I’ve been here last..)!

Also- there should be a post somewhere on me with makeup. Maybe. Fun stuff. OH and there’s one where we baked cake. Good memories, people (Spoiler: we ate it, it was so good).

And finally- I’m not sure if I should do this or not (I’m posting art stuff on other media sites and I’m liking the pseudo/fifth-wall-esque facade of being… basically anonymous on here. Really. So maybe not what I originally started on about- but other arty stuff will now be making an appearance. And yes, I still Polyphasic sleep (‘Poly-phase’? Sounds cooler).