Update: Going to Uni(Prep) and the Months Before.

Hey Guys!

Long time no type: again. Ehehehe, sorry! I have a couple posts in the drafts folder I’ll update ASAP- just got a bit of a list at the moment of things to do… There’s the usual List Of Things I Need/Said I’d Do for friends, social requirements (which are good, really, except when I’m tired and want people to let me paint or sketch in piece.) Oh I’ve got an oil painting going – into portraiture again; it started with a couple charcoal-ed portraits of people and then a painting. Well. I’ll see about adding development photos in. (and maybe the end result). Baked a cake yesterday! It was meant to be red velvet, but it looks more chocolate (I’m not sure what red velvet tastes like, but my cooking friends think this it was not). Tastes ok though- pastel pink icing, white chocolate star deco on a layered -like victoria sponge- ‘red velvet’ cake.

Musing how long it’ll take me to alienate -inevitably- a roommate (or two) before first semester is over or (OR) blend into the background on the home-people front. To be safe.

Watching ‘Don’t Tell Mum The Babysitters Dead‘ for the first time. Kids in it seem bratty (wow).

Oh the babysitter seems like a darling; she seems so lovely. As in her voice is kind, and sort of soft but firm like she’s confidant..by yes, gentle. AND OH MY…the oldest(?) sister slammed the door. in. her. face. Oh my ohmy ohmy. If I did something like thar…If I even could under ‘normal’ circumstances..wow. Such a brat. :O

Is it me or does Brat 1# (oldest sister, read: Grinch)…look…kindof..familiar? o_O.

Five kids. Five kids. How did she have that many wowwow. That brings in this mini-series of videos from BuzzFeed’s ‘Try Guys’ on, you guessed it: PREGNANCY.(Noun: state of which empending life is apparent. Adj of : pain)

OH MY GOSH- THE OLD LADY….(SPOILERS) Well. That explains the music -it was brief, ok.  After “sugar and spice” I think it was just her trying to survive, honestly. She looked like she couldnt cope. They’re still pretty bad, though they could be worse. Barely 1/9th into the film and I think she’s dead (END SPOILERS)

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