My Survival Kit….V1


pocket knife

swiss knife

water purification kit

signalling mirror

heat-reflective survival blanket

flint and steel


6 all weather chemical fire starters

container- water


needle, thread (for wounds and idk shelter)-s and cloth scraps

fly net/metal mesh


NaNo Camp Update

Hi All-Knowing One,

So, six days in and I’ve gotten down some things- prompts and their responses I’d scrawled all over a journal (it was a progressive mess in pencil, I think I intended to erase it all afterwards, but, well- that’s not to happen now); chapter summaries and pinning down characters and now Im fully fleshing out the cohesive plot(s) that are ongoing.

There will be three ‘main’ ones -I imagine them as large threads- and several (number pending) smaller threads, to be picked up whenever if I so wish, to develop and explore various characters. It sounds grander than it possibly is. It’s a pain but I love it anyway 🙂 Maybe I’ll make one of those boards -you know, with a map and pictures of people(characters) and threads pinned to it supposedly leading from the beginning to the end. Only I’d weave the threads individually thicker for ‘main’ ones, and colour code (Agenda, maybe? Not Allegiance, because what would it be: place-born, Nation, Outward allegiance or true coloured allegiance- what if they’re a spy/double spy/triple spy- if it suits them and so their allegiance is to themselves? What if their actions are for another camp and subconsciously done so their allegiance varies there? What if they think they’re on one side but, it turns out, they’re on another? Or if they have DID -Disassociative Identity Disorder- and it changes, or they’re sleeper agents? See? Complex, that. Most of those are invariably involved in my plots somehow, by the way..)

My Cabin Mates Seem nice 😀

Thanks, Speak soon!