Update: Camp NaNo- No, no..

Hello Diary,

I know; that was a bad one, but, well…I had to. (It was too much an opportunity).

Long-time-no-post! So. I’m a gap year student; you know this, we know this, Diary and I (I should really name you, no?) – so. I’m ….in 2 days and several hours… to start Camp NaNoWriMo!

Hopefully that banner worked. Yay! Looking to edit (and therefore add to) my story from NaNoWriMo 2014!

Am excited because we get cabin buddies. Yes, cabin-peoples! It’s a cool feature; random or specified, too. Will let you know how that goes( in 2-3 days)..

Current Situation: Stuck in limbo with an exam I missed (oh no, yep- I missed an exam. Not on purpose)- if it’s to be rearranged or not. Excited at the prospect of lookit- WRITING AGAIN :D. And aching from exercise would be good because I felt accomplished- how’s aching because I’ve been sitting awhile..? Odd.

Finally, a bit of shameless self-promotion:

Novatora’s Wrath: The Deserter and the Synth Seal

First of the City Verse. (To be filled, but, essentially- a take on my concept of ninjas, in a fantasy world, roughly translated as a place where society developed differently shortly around the Industrial Revolution, before it kicked off- with a few, choice discoveries thrown in. Its set roughly about now, but another dimension. It’s YA, fantasy, adventure with hints of folklore origins -researched! So plenty to throw around, maybe enough to build a small series on. There are a few main characters and not from the same sides and some subplot developments.)

In the absence of light there is only darkness…but without the Darkness, you can not find or value the Light…
Join our three protagonists on their various roads through or into the Darkness encroaching. Remember- in a world where people are trained to use their bodies and expressions to lie better than their words, trust is too limited a commodity and the truth something only the dead can retain.

Keep happy,


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