Quick Question

Do Dementors drink? 

Now, now here me out; I think that we’ve all had enough time now (Oh, and SPOILERS for anyone who hasnt yet read the books by J K Rowling or watched the Harry Potter Films, particularily the third movie ‘Prisoner of Azkaban’.


Right, so hear me out- We’ve all had enough time to get over the godfather ‘betrayal’ revelation and seeing (or hearing) Harry crying and his outburst of fury. And the later realisations (like Harry could have been raised away from the Dursleys.) To notice that in Book three, Movie three: Madam Rosmerta complains to Fudge about how the Ministry keeps sending Dementors into her pub “every night”. But seriously -no pun-, why? Why a pub..? Like how people go there to drink. And eat.

So…Do they drink? Or eat anything other than souls?

3 thoughts on “Quick Question

  1. Dementors feed on happiness and souls. I suppose when Rosmerta said Fudge is “sending the dementors to her pub” , she merely meant that they were sent there to check if Sirius Black was hidden in the Three Broomsticks and it was probably freaking out the other customers. Dementors don’t eat or drink.

    • Yeah. Hm, thanks 🙂 (But she said it as if they were routinely sent there- would they be sent there often?? I assumed not, see.) HEHEHE- Ehem. I mean, yes, I can see that they’d do that- scare off her customers. Thanks 🙂

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