I Used To Think I Was A Real-Life Hero. Now, I Am Afraid Of What I Am Becoming.

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There is a question that every teenager is faced with, but no one can answer. Most grow out of trying, but I never did. No matter how old I get, how many responsibilities occupy me, nor how inconsequential the answer may be, I find myself constantly faced with the question: Who am I?

What began as a snowflake of doubt has suddenly collapsed into an avalanche of guilt, and regret. And fear. Yet there is no one I am more afraid of than myself, because I cannot tell whether I am ill, or divine. There is only room for one being to claim ownership of everything: Me or God. This seemed like a novel little idea to me when I was eighteen, but over the course of the last five years it has come to dominate everything that I am.

I used to think that I…

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