Sunday Life Problem Post


So there are lots of nice, good things going on atm that I am grateful for, but there are also some pretty bad doubts and worries that are long-term atm, so I need to vent them!

-Law Career, to do or not? (As long as I figure this one out I will be OK with going to university now, or later- whenever. Or doing an apprenticeship. Law or What?)

-Universities and courses(Which university? and apparently I don’t have to do LAW to get into law, could I do something else?)

-Bursary (Because the biology coursework was expensive)

Okay. So, my fixes.

1. Visits, work exp, volunteering (worry is I wont study enough around that, but I will backwards calender it all tomorrow after connexions so should be OK). See if I really like the job still. And speak to people in and going into the proffession: Nee, and Nev.

Immediate Steps- Law Court Visit this week and arrange work exp at a legal dept and call Nev about uni(what do they teach? what’s it like really? What do you think of an apprenticeship? The History-then law route?).

2. Which uni? Go and see and ask questions. Which Course? Talk to someone about how they chose- Stph, Ama, Sarah(jobs) and Ursula and at the temple. (Sha how did you figure out how much to study each day so that you’d covered everything?)

Immediate Steps: University Dates, Tester Dates and where (write a list, then speak to dad before booking anything. Also call them and ask) so can visit. Speak to UCAS about other unis not on options- how would I go with one not an option (clearing?)

Visit Stph and Sarah and Ama. Caro’s Carli’s sheet. Careers tests and Connexions speak about.

3. Print off convo and bring to connexions. Request extra help: you need it, was told can do this and be refferred if with a school but as not, she couldnt refer me..




-Stph, Ama and Sarah

-Z’s Mum?

-Dad, talk with him? Dad why do you feel like you wish you got a higher education and went to university?

-Connexions Advice

I feel like sometimes I can do law and become a lawyer and achieve my goals and dream maybe- and then sometimes I remember some people I trust say they think I should do something else, and my recent ability to not cope with stress, and how very stressy law must be- at uni not even as a career which I feel I could handle better. But then I think of my socio-economic situation with my family and I’m like: but I need the money, and atleast I’d be a darn good lawyer who has morals and will stick by them and hopefully make a name for herself.

What are your thoughts? How did you get to where you are now or how do any young people you know choose their career?

2 thoughts on “Sunday Life Problem Post

  1. Hey! I happened upon your post! I am currently in the process of applying for law school. Honestly, this is not a decision that you can make lightly. There are getting to be more and more cons with going to law school than in the past. However, you have to think about what you want an what you need to do. If law school is your dream then do research and do it! There will be so many people thinking they know what’s best for you, but only you know that. Even if you don’t become a lawyer, there is so much that can be done with a law degree. If you need help deciding what coursework to take, talk to a pre-law advisor and then see if you can talk to someone in law school. Just from taking the LSAT, I can tell you that philosophy courses will only help you. Good luck!

    • Hey! Thank you for your advice- means a lot! Just kind of demoralised at the moment.
      Erm. I’m not sure if I want to do law or not, really. But I will fix that- go see what it’s about in a law court, and in a department.. I know, it’s a difficult decision to make…But recently I’m not sure I could hack the stress- or if I’d find the job always enjoyable, you know? Somedays yes, some days no. But I appreciate your comment!
      Honestly- it helps to be reminded and TOLD things like people will think they know what’s best for me, and how I KNOW BEST! 🙂

      What is a pre-law advisor? (If you don’t mind me asking. I’m not sure we have one here). Is Law a philosophy course? :O
      Thanks! Good luck for you, too!

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