5 Excellent Motivational Speeches To Keep You Moving Forward

Thought Catalog

1. Charlie Day Commencement Speech

You may know Charlie Day from the very popular FX series “It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia,” where he does things like eliminate rats and school unsuspecting fraternity types with his Good Will Hunting lingo. Earlier this year, Day addressed his alma mater, Merrimack College, in what can only be described as an extremely well done and powerful speech.

2. Tebow’s Promise

My college roommate and his family were huge Gator fans, and as per the law of annoying sports fan friends, I actively rooted against Tebow and the Gators during the Urban-Timmy era.

Alas, it’s impossible not to appreciate this — for what Tebow lacked in professional quarterback potential, he more than made up in with grit and fortitude. After making this now somewhat-legendary promise*, he proceeded to lead the Gators to a National Championship.

*needs about 5 more years become enter the nostalgia-induced…

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