Federalization of the internet and wordpress

Just read this and holy wow. That’s potentially Bad News, for the idea of the internet- finding information on things (like the news in your area or the world from different places in the world on one topic- I myself am in the UK)! I imagine the lack of reaction might just be a hush hush attitude and manner.

Re-blogging this(Hope it goes viral. How is this lack of knowing-what-we’re-voting-for helping?! Plausible deniability, maybe..)

Pete's Alaska

P.1On February 26th the FCC will rule on a 332 page bill submitted by the President that regulates the internet, wherein it states ???? Oh did I forget to mention that the contents are secret until after the vote by the FCC. This reminds me of what Nancy Pelosi said about oboma-care that we must pass the bill before we can see whats in the bill. I believe the internet has done a fair job of regulating itself so far so why does oboma want a new set of federal regulations and have those rules enforced by the FCC?

Today on the radio a member of the FCC’s voting board was on the air talking about how outside regulation would only mean increases in the price of internet access. He spoke in generalities because of the ‘gag order’ in place but did mention that these regulations would deal with allocation…

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