Update Time: NaNoWriMo, Car Lessons and Science!

Dear Diary

I’ve just had my first driving lesson.

NaNoWriMo is going well- I am, of course, behind in word count, hopelessly it might seem..but then I figured writing is not going to get done, I will have no chance if I don’t write- so I did. And then. Then, diary, I realized something. The reason why I’d put up with all the stress(at times), pressure(at times), and fun (hehe)- is because of how good you feel, once you’ve written something down. It’s so worth it. It really is. 😀 and so I’m getting there.

[95 words- oops, sorry, habit]

First Driving Lesson, status: headache. Pleasant. Frontal lobes (Thinking brain parts?).

I should put a review here of WWW, and EBI’s. Or Wotcher’s!

I will. Later,

gotta write!


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