On The Political Climate (As of Late, specifically 10:20 thereabouts)

Good evening, all(journal). [NOTE: This is a rough post; it needed to be published, but..well. It’s a rant- my first one yet! Sorry about any roughness and or callous language: when I said it was a rant, I meant it. It’s simplistic and I would be ashamed if it weren’t so serious a topic. So if you are interested in a rant/rave about the following topics, especially if you feel a little frustrated and like you’re unable to do anything, then here it is!]

I originally had a different post in mind- and in ‘Drafts’, bless it- but for the utmost, sincerest, deepest and most unrelenting urge to vent. Have I had a bad day? No. This, is about the current climate- politically speaking. IT’S TERRIBLE (When is it not, I mean, really?). More so than usual!! Two..no…three main points of concern and well, indignation and righteous fury.

1. The Bloody Syrian/Us/Arab Alliance vs Islamic state(ISA? ISIS?) dispute that absolutely did not need imput from our government beyond stating our viewpoint on the situation- not to the point of sending out troops, thank you very much. Recalling the politicians to reconvene at Commons? Am I going to vote for you again, if ever..? A Government that, despite opposition SO STRONG that even amongst their OWN CONSTITUENCIES AND PARTIES, there was NOTABLE (when you weren’t really paying attention to it; says a LOT) OPPOSITION, continues to change a PROMISE THEY MADE that Swayed a number of the population into voting for them and that the Democoracy of which gave them power decided against, in their Own Self Interest? …In case it’s not clear. Not going to vote for you, Cameron- or the Conservatives!- for the rest of your lifetime, buddy. Yep, not happening. I won’t; my thusly informed friends, colleges, and well-informed class of 2010-11 won’t. Make no mistake: I will not forget this. Your incompetence is staggering! I am a historian by heart and soul, and by these things, see me now: I absolutely will not vote for you, thank you, sir! Except not.

2. The Ukraine Situation: Update! Poland scared (and what does the Western world think- that because we’re so focused on where the oil is  terrorist states are, that Russia will too? I’m worried: what if whilst we’re all focused over with this new war for the next couple years atleast, that that gives Russia enough freedom- lack of coverage, people, and then it’ll probably be lack of resources when we do realize what the heck is going on, then maybe a little bit of appeasment or posturing politically and maybe even, we’ll have some ground troops stationed there aswell, and then before you know it, World War Three- or the shutting-off-of-the-oil-taps-after-rearmament-of-Russia; S.O.O.T.A.R.R. for short). PUSH BARRIER, PEOPLE.

–I knew the UN should have its own army; or all the neutral countries have one big one, keep the Super Powers in line as mediators for the peace, dang it.

3. AS IF THIS WAS NOT ENOUGH REASON TO BE FEARFUL AND FRUSTRATED, GUESS WHAT? UKIP. IT ROSE. WHAT DID I TELL YOU? GAHHHHHHH..SALKFDHAKDFHASDASD,SJADA,. A threat to conservatives; and AND I HEARD PRAYTELL OF ANOTHER MAIN REASON FACTORING INTO PEOPLE’S DECISIONS TO SUPPORT THEM WITH THEIR FAVOUR; the OTHER political parties (and Government) are not doing enough, are so similar overall/seeming that they are indistinguishable or not doing nearly enough for all the crap they’re putting us through, politically socially financially -it’s all the same, and so: People WANT CHANGE. SO…LIKE NAZI-HITLER, PEOPLE, THEYRE GOING TO THE EXTREMES: NATIONALISM. OMG. NO. WHY. I KNOW WHY. DARNNIT (The government) FOR NOT ENOUGH BLOODY GOOD CHANGE, COMMON SENSE, INFORMED OPINIONS AND HONESTY IN THE PROCESS and TOO MUCH BLOODY EXPENSE; MONEY, TIME, WASTAGE.

–This links into an idea-turned-lecture/HYPOTHESIS(read: prediction, and problem solving!) I’ve subjected/held/reasoned/pitched to friends and collegues, THAT I SO TOLD THEM ABOUT. OMG. I should join a think tank. Which one though?

Another Note:

Would it be a good idea to post on an explanatory post on the Political Spectrum? Nothing complex, just..something a bit simple. MAYHAPS, YOU SHOULD LOOK BELOW!

Also, The Push Barrier/Boundary Envisioned (below, first lot):

searched up maps for all of you :)! –>’The neutral between western and eastern world’

western, neutral & eastern world. push barrier boundary to be drawn and UKRAINE, POLAND and RUSSIA

Note where all the countries we are focusing on are: western, neutral & eastern world. push barrier boundary to be drawn and UKRAINE, POLAND and RUSSIA. Then find Saudi Arabia.

A closer look.  western, neutral & eastern world, push barrier boundary and SAUDI ARABIA.

A closer look.
western, neutral & eastern world, push barrier boundary and SAUDI ARABIA.

This is where We Will Be, and quite possibly Where We Should Be opposing this.

This is where We Will Be, and quite possibly Where We Should Be opposing this.




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