Caught your attention, didn’t it? (I hope. The title)

Well. Well.

Dear Diary (yes I’m starting this one like this. Ha.),

Well, it’s a bit like this:


(DISCLAIMED!) “Do you ever lay awake at night staring at the ceiling while you think about every moment you wish you could change?”

And, there’s a bit of, well..this:

True, but not mine

True, but not mine. “Monsters are real, ghosts are real too. They live inside us, and sometimes, they win.” -Stephen King

Well, something like this happened (save semi-frequent bursts of i.e. creativity, willpower, passion..) to me- but gradually, bit by bit, so I didn’t really notice it so much, as I felt..not quite the same, but not bad either. You know? Ah, well.

And welp, the fact of the matter is:


…Because they -Nakama, heh, heh- help me snap outta it.

And, it occurred to me (again; there’s this absolutely amazingly inspiratinal emotional Wattpad story I read that had this affect, and a major message- this):

Not mine, not even a little.

Ace was cool, and I want to live a little bit like that- no (more) regrets. So. Anyways, had a phone call that was a bit of a wake up call (two, actually- the Call and the Cementing of it)..ehh, yesterday. Big deal, that. Wanted to share that, express it, whatever. And show some..happy, or inspirational stuff on here. Heh. Also, the main pic ‘featured’? That’s basically the What-Happened of this post. I was at a cross-roads, live-wise, and I think, it’s because my dream is..hard.

*Nods*..Aaaannnd I have NO self-preservation responses in regards to the estimation of…just how much pain (emotional or otherwise), energy (draining) and time(my whole life, maybe?) that is going to take out of me.

So maybe it’s not so surprising that I was at a crossroads. My other option was much more clinical/happier, to be honest. Less reliant on my speech-making/emotion-driving/message-giving/will-enforcing-through-words skills. Seriously. And I like animals, and the world, and am totally a tree-hugger.. So it could’ve worked. But it wasn’t my ‘calling’. So, there!

I got some air,

reminded myself of WHO I AM,


more importantly- WHO I want to BE.

Yep. I went there. Hehe. Onto some quotes! AND COOL STUFF. Hopefully something to be appreciated in there, for whoever happens to come across this.

Alone- Oscar Wilde Quote





Ukraine Update



I’ll post up the older and written out posts concerning Russia and Ukraine (and predictions) when I have more time, I promise. For the mean time, however, there’s this:


Ukraine, in a recent (1 minute ago) news update, showed broken down buildings, a mysterious crater (evidence of a small-scale missile, perhaps?) and speculations on how long the brave, eccentric but competant army-people SEPARATISTS will be able to hold out against Russia. Speculations on how there seems to be ‘an air of resignation’ about the place, that they’ll fight til the end.


And mentioning of the Russian-elected (UNLAWFULLY) leader of the force to invade   sorry (except not really) ‘occupy’ Ukraine, resigning and being replaced by another. Perhaps due to his failure to Immediately Join Ukraine With Mother Russia? Eventhough, you know (or you  history-lovers will, anyway), Ukraine is kindof maybe importantly part of something called the ‘push barrier’ (I think; for some reason I forget this term from time to time. It accounts for all the neutral lands i.e. Poland, Ukraine in between Russia and the West- that no one takes over or breaches as it’s the protective layer that ensures no war or take overs. Hence, if anyone tries to breach it….the other non-trusting side will see, see?).

Hitler-walking-over-the-Spineless-Leaders-of-Democracy-by-British-cartoonist-David-Low Putin 0225toonwasserman.r

I just hope no policy of appeasement is followed for Putin  the leader of Russia. Because it worked so well for Hitler, right? Oh wait. It didn’t.


As my old History Teacher taught me (one of many viewpoints):


What was wrong with appeasement?

Put bluntly:

  • “It rewarded and encouraged bullying, aggressive behaviour.
  • Hitler was untrustworthy.
  • Germany & Hitler grew stronger.
  • USSR were alienated from western allies.”

Replace Germany and Hitler with….you know.


[Not my image: DISCLAIMED. Google search this?]

Also, I can’t remember right now (it has been a long day today, alright?)- but Putin openly did something that, when I witnessed on the news, I was sure would be a declaration of war. All but. Scary moment, that. Also, I should probably mention the so-called punitive(right word here?) punishment on Russians all over thanks to…whomever was attempting to ‘punish’ or discourage Putin. Bad idea, all I’m going to say.

Putin Ukraine 4


Also, maybe they should consider nipping this thing in the bud, whilst they can? It looks like it’ll be a fight either way, and this way, no real land and consequently forces have been gained (And people harmed/therefore lost).

DISCLAIMER: Not mine, found it on the internet. I'm sure if you drag this into google, you'll find who drew this epicness.

DISCLAIMER: Not mine, found it on the internet. I’m sure if you drag this into google, you’ll find who drew this epicness.

Just sayin’. Should’ve been done with Hitler; World War Two could’ve been, like, the battle of Germany-Rhineland and The Big Three. Or something similar.

For goodness sakes- put it down, and put it down hard.

Or darnwell get tacticle (like..ninjas…) and retrain troops better. and make the police have more pride and motivation on the home-front whilst you’re at it, World. Here in the UK they need some revving up. Not constant attacks, you know? Not good for anyone’s confidence or sense of camaraderie. Also, it’s bad that soldiers give…important parts of themselves -sometimes again and again- only to come home and be unsafe. So, yeah. Help the Police here in the UK too please.

(INSPIRE YOURSELF BY BLUE BLOODS. No, not the same- make it your own! But see how it’s worked elsewhere.)

Geez. If only.

Nami, OUT!