Heeeyy :D Jus sayin Hi – An Introduction of Me


So, I thought I’d get into trouble today. Turns out(thanks to a very amazing friend) that if you dont make much of a fuss and (KEY) avoid eye contact, you actually can get away with it.

Todays been nice..nice weather, nice lessons, nice atmosphere…generally. Yep. Im completley new to this, so Im attempting to write something.

Does anyone know about Air Cadets? I have to look them up..I’m going to do Rounders, softball, Hindi lessons and self learn Keyboard too. 😀 (This summer) So, look out for that. If I know you. If I dont- then thats just creeeppy.

Q- I’m writing a novel at the moment. Are you?

So. Introduction. INTRODUCTION.

An Introduction of Me.  Im a generally hardworker, who doesn’t like to b*tch about anyone. I’ll complain to lighten an atmosphere- and IF somethings serious, otherwise Ill say nothing. I like to try new things.  I don’t like to lie- but will do to protect people… I like lots of things. I am not a hater of anything and I cant sing. 😀

Q- If you HAD(Keyword) to sum up your personality in five words, what would they be??

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