Sleep Schedule: Update!

Hiya Dear Diary,


So- I have not got full informed consent from the Boss Man, but I have got a ‘yes’ (mentioned previously?) and I have made attempts to rectify the ‘informed’ part- since the last post.


Soo, whilst I’m waiting, I think I’ll brace myself and start that schedule on Sunday. Hopefully I can get a more information-oriented post up before then, for anyone who can see this! And for past reference. Also, hopefully a GP can be got-hold-of by Sunday, so I have someone who knows how to help monitor me.


Maybe advice’ll be given.


Then I can spend that time on more useful means and plots  ideas. Yay!

Just a quick update,


Nami Out! :)



This did not publish for some reason. It’s up now.

Today’s the day. Got the Boss to read an article on Polyphasic Sleep (brief, but highlighting benefits and warnings). Making an appointment with the GP tomorrow!


Bye Bye,


Starting To Wake Up…Polyphasic Sleep Schedule


Dear Diary (Yes, I’m going there- I feel like it!),

After having spent nigh on two weeks ‘relaxing’, after the June Exams, I am ready to begin the arduous fun of Setting-In-Motion a Gap Year.

It’s Aims- next post. This will count as a ‘Project’(MAJOR) of mine.

As will UCAS (to make it more fun).

And will my documentation of my start to Polyphasic Sleep! I thought I’d expend real effort(shown later on, during the next 7-10 days, the ‘Adjustment Period’, I’d say) and post at least something everyday, even if it’s just a bunch of to-the-point words on a page.

Introduction to Polyphasic Sleep 

I decided to commit the Polyphasic change to my sleep cycle aprox. two years ago, at some point in the future. That time, with the safe go-ahead from my higher ups, is now.

Starting tonight.

Like any good learner/researcher/student-of-the-New-IT-Age, upon discovering it whilst surfing, I sought to inform myself of it. I decided to read up on what Polyphasic Sleep was, how to prepare for it, and what it was like and different types. There were lots of interesting facts and statistics, often comparing the different types of Polyphasic Sleep Schedules to that of normal sleep. 

There are different types, and I specifically would like to do the ‘Everyman’.

Here are some of the good bits for your information(websites referenced at bottom for a more in-depth reading):

Different Sleep Types, with the amount of downtime shown clearly. It should be noted, however that for the Everyman, Uberman and Dymaxion that the times for sleep can be broken down even more or other segments, and could be at differing times. These Pies ONLY show the total amount of sleep-time.


This one includes monophasic sleep- or, 'Normal People Sleep'!

This one includes monophasic sleep- or, ‘Normal People Sleep’!


I’ve got to go for tonight- will post up Part Two tomorrow! (TBC…)




Heeeyy :D Jus sayin Hi – An Introduction of Me


So, I thought I’d get into trouble today. Turns out(thanks to a very amazing friend) that if you dont make much of a fuss and (KEY) avoid eye contact, you actually can get away with it.

Todays been nice..nice weather, nice lessons, nice atmosphere…generally. Yep. Im completley new to this, so Im attempting to write something.

Does anyone know about Air Cadets? I have to look them up..I’m going to do Rounders, softball, Hindi lessons and self learn Keyboard too. :D (This summer) So, look out for that. If I know you. If I dont- then thats just creeeppy.

Q- I’m writing a novel at the moment. Are you?

So. Introduction. INTRODUCTION.

An Introduction of Me.  Im a generally hardworker, who doesn’t like to b*tch about anyone. I’ll complain to lighten an atmosphere- and IF somethings serious, otherwise Ill say nothing. I like to try new things.  I don’t like to lie- but will do to protect people… I like lots of things. I am not a hater of anything and I cant sing. :D

Q- If you HAD(Keyword) to sum up your personality in five words, what would they be??